20% Redemption Rates

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Fast-Casual Restaurant Chain with Over 50 Locations Averages 20% Redemption Rates Challenge: A fast-casual restaurant chain based in the Midwest with over 50 locations wanted to motivate customers to try their new menu items. Solution: Using a Targeted mailing list, we mailed over 200,000 people within a three-mile radius of all their stores system-wide. They offered […]

Direct Mail Still Yields the Lowest Cost-Per-Lead and Highest Conversion Rate

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These days, marketing is all about digital. We are emailing, blogging, Tweeting and Facebooking our little marketeer hearts out.  So direct mail (the kind that the postal delivery person puts in your mailbox, remember?) must be dead in the water. Right? Wrong. According to the Direct Mail Association (DMA) Factbook for 2013, 65% of consumers of all […]

National Franchise Pizza Chain Saves Time & Money by Partnering with Triadex Services

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Challenge: A national premium pizza chain with 200+ locations, mostly franchises, needed to save time and money, and increase the ROI from their direct mail budget. Triadex Services has proven to be successful to save time and money for franchises. Solution: Triadex presented our turnkey service to their Marketing Department along with an execution plan […]