Franchise Marketing

Want to get big savings on your next plastic postcard order? With our Franchise Marketing Solutions you can do just that.

franchise marketing

Triadex Services works with hundreds of franchises all over the country. The use of patented technology lets us offer “group buying promotions.”  As a result, our programs provide a turnkey franchise marketing solution. We can work with Corporate to streamline the group-buy or work directly with each franchise owner.

We have harnessed the power of social buying technology. The more direct mail postcards purchased for franchise marketing, the lower the price!

CASE STUDY: Franchises Save 20% by Grouping Card Mailer Orders

Challenge: Triadex Card Mailers contacted a national casual dining restaurant chain with around 150 locations. After sharing our average redemption rates, the restaurant wanted to see how well Triadex Card Mailers would perform for them.

Solution: For campaign 1, the national restaurant setup a 2-store pilot campaign with our 1-detachable card template…

Increase Your Customer Base with Franchise Business Marketing

With Triadex Services’ franchise marketing, the entire group gets a fantastic deal. This solution then creates a true “win-win” for everyone. We already print and mail for hundreds of franchise chains. Therefore, chances are we may already be working with location(s) in your franchise system.

Want to know more about the benefits of direct mail? Check our post Direct Mail is an Effective Business Tool. Then, contact us today to quickly find out how we can help your franchise.