Triadex Services – A Leader in Plastic Card Printing

For almost two decades, Triadex Services has actively managed thousands of client mailer programs and millions of plastic card mailers across a variety of industries each year.  The key to any direct mail program is to get your prospect’s attention and have the person act on your offer. Our plastic card mailers, also known as “pop-out gift cards” or “pop-out plastic postcards,” will make your promotion stand above the usual mail that fills your mailbox.

At Triadex Services, our programs offer Plastic Direct Mail Solutions and Data-Driven Marketing Solutions that include:

  • Mobile Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media and Online Marketing
  • and more…

We strive to help our clients maximize their exposure with the lowest possible upfront investment. We help to improve redemption rates through innovative postcard mailing solutions and other advanced marketing tools. A Card Mailer Marketing Program can significantly increase your sales. Major retailers and restaurants have confirmed that redemption rates soar when a discount gift card is used with a direct mail piece. In some cases, redemption rates have reached 40%!  Pair this with email or other paid advertising, and get results even faster!

Giving Back to the Community

At Triadex Services we take pride in supporting our communities.

College Scholarships and Internships

We are pleased to provide paid internships to students in related fields of study. We also offer several scholarships to college-level students and sponsor research programs for local universities.  For more information about our scholarship program please visit our Triadex Scholarship page.

Staying Environmentally Conscious

Additionally, we work to positively impact our community and environment by actively supporting green initiatives through our Triadex Cares program and donating money to charities at the local, national, and international level. We recognize that we are all connected. And, we are proud to be able to do our part in helping others by giving back.