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Email marketing is the act of sending an email message, usually to large groups of people.  It consists of using an email to send advertisements, offers, solicit sales, and even give updates.

Emailing is an essential tool in today’s marketplace to seek trust, build loyalty, and increase brand awareness. It has become the number 1 communication channel worldwide.

According to Email Marketing Stats for 2020 at least 99% of consumers check their email daily!

Additionally, emails convert better.  People who buy products marketed through email spend more than those who did not receive one.

Email Campaign Features


Our Graphics team has the ability to create impactful, professional emails quickly.


The availability of customer segmentation allows you to build a more custom digital marketing mailer for selected groups. Some things to consider when selecting a targeted group:

  • Are they new subscribers?
  • What is their open rate?
  • Have they been inactive for a while?

Insights and Reporting

We provide reporting from campaigns, trends, and conversion tracking.

How it Works

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First, we start with your current email platform list and begin the process of adding to it. One popular method of adding to your list is by creating a “lead magnet”.

Lead magnets are typically set up to encourage a consumer to give you their email address via an incentive. For example, you could have a coupon on your website, but to get it, the consumer must fill out a short form providing a name and email address. You could also  invite consumers to join your email newsletters.

Both of these methods will help build your email list.

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Second, we will work with you to improve your email open rates. This can be accomplished a few different ways as well. To begin, remove inactive subscribers who have not engaged in at least the past 6 months.

Then, perfect the timing of when emails are sent. The best email marketing timing can have a huge effect on whether a subscriber opens your email. Triadex offers A/B testing to see when the best time and day is to send your emails.

Improve email subject lines. Having an outstanding subject line is a huge part of email marketing. They should:

  • Entice Curiosity
  • Use a Friendly Conversational Tone
  • Include numbers like “50% off your next order!” or “10 People will win a free dinner!”

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Third, we’ll assist in the most important item, writing engaging content. Once consumers open your email and see your email design, you want to encourage them to not only read what you’re offering but follow through with the Call to Action.

Give them something interesting and/or fun to read about.

Enhance Your Digital Marketing Campaign
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Take advantage of increased website traffic to create a customized Direct Mail campaign.  With Direct Mail Retargeting, key data can be gathered on visitors to your website.  Then, this data is used to send real-time targeted direct mail to your customer.

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