E-Commerce Marketing is One of the Largest Client Categories at Triadex Services

According to Shopify “…worldwide ecommerce sales topped $3.5 trillion USD (in 2019), an increase of approximately 18% from the year before. Ecommerce is expected to nearly double by 2023 to more than $6.5 billion.” Click here for full story.


For nearly 20 years we have worked with countless ecommerce retailers.  Our goal is to connect the online with the offline and motivate residents to shop online using a discount card. Combining the usual online and digital marketing with direct mail will let you extend your ecommerce marketing reach even further and provide a continuous reminder to your customers.

The most popular ways for E-Commerce Retailers to use direct mail has been by sending a wallet-size discount card using one of the following formats:

  • Plastic/Laminated Postcard with a snap-out wallet-size incentive card.
    • Offer ideas:  $10 off a $50 purchase or 20% off your entire purchase.
  • Envelope mailers with a full-page letter and wallet-size card inside – This format provides more real estate room for your audience to digest all of your services and programs.
  • Trifold mailer with 1, 2 or 3 tear-out wallet-size cards inside – This option also gives your prospects six panels to better understand your products with pictures and descriptions
  • Direct Mail Retargeting gathers key visitor data from your website. This data is used to send automated direct mail in real-time to your customer.

Key Reasons ECommerce Marketing Can
Benefit From Direct Mail

Direct Mail Has an Average Shelf-Life Of 17 Days

This means your brand and unique offer will likely sit on someone’s kitchen counter for over two weeks.  By providing a constant reminder to visit your website the customer is more likely to complete a transaction.

When people are online they usually have many tabs open with lots of distractions so it’s very noisy. When they are at home they can read through your direct mail piece when it’s convenient and quiet.

Target New Households By Suppressing Your Current Customer List

Looking to attract new customers? Online Retailers can send Triadex your master in-house customer list to exclude those addresses.  This ensures you won’t  be offering discounts to existing customers.

Triggered Mailers Based on Buying Behavior

Reminder Mailers – Nearly one year after someone makes a purchase, Triadex will utilize software and on-demand printing capabilities to automatically send that customer a mailer.  These mailers include pictures of the product(s) they purchased with a discount promo to encourage a repeat purchase again this year.

New Customer Mailers – Within days of your new customer making their first purchase, Triadex can print and mail a discount card to their address.  This follow up encourages them to place their 2nd order.


Triadex Fast Pass Program

Want your new promo out STAT? We can print and mail up to 500,000 pieces within 48 hours on plastic or paper.

Click here to learn more about our Fast Pass Program.

Zoom-Targeted Mailing Lists Can Jump Start Sales

At Triadex, we help online retailers boost sales. First we take your in-house customer list of physical addresses for all their core buyers.  Then the list is cloned to target all other households in the US with the same psychographic and demographic patterns.

Click here for more information about a Look-Alike Report.

Ready to see what your ecommerce marketing customer list could look like? Please contact us today to request a real example of a E-Commerce Look-Alike Report.


Additionally, Triadex has hundreds of list targeting options under our Hobbies & Interests category. If you sell organic foods online, we can target households that have a propensity for organic food purchases. If you sell flowers online, Triadex can target the households in America that spend the most on flowers every year. Whatever you sell online, Triadex will be able to present relevant and zoom-targeted list rental options to maximize your investment and likely set record breaking response rates.

Below are a few other popular list targeting filters that have been successful for Online Retailers – Call us today to request a list of the 500+ list targeting options:

  • Rural Area Residents 50+ Miles from Big Cities
  • $5,000+ Spent from Online Purchases Each Year
  • Household Income Range
  • Age Range
  • Children Present or Singles

The result of targeted mailing lists? A better use of your limited printing and postage funds by not targeting households that don’t have the greatest chance of responding.







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