Digital Marketing

Continue Your Campaign’s Momentum and Target Your List with Digital Marketing Ads!

Your Digital Marketing Ads will Appear on up to
10,000 Different Websites and Apps

Ads Display Across Smartphone, Tablet, and  PC Platforms

Geofencing Marketing of Competitor’s Locations Included!

Expand Your Reach Even More by Adding Look Back Geofencing

Reach Online Streaming Viewers with Connected TV (CTV)

How Can I Track My Campaign's Success?

There are several methods for tracking digital marketing campaigns, a few are:

  1. Track how many targeted customers come into your business after being shown an ad. This can be achieved by geofencing each of your company’s locations that are part of the campaign.
  2. Include a unique promo code on each ad.  With this, you can track the success of the ads right down to the number of offers redeemed and the dollar amount.
  3. Provide a Landing Page specific to the ad campaign.  Then, track the number of hits on the page and any new customers/purchases that result from there.

Enhance Your Campaign
with Direct Mail Advertising

Add direct mail services to your digital marketing campaign to boost your plan even more. Triadex is able to match nearly 90% of geofenced customers to their home address. Plus, get your direct marketing mailers into their mailboxes in as little as 48 hours with our fast pass program!

Consequently, you expose your target audience to consistent advertising both online and in print. This keeps your brand and its offers in the forefront of the consumer’s mind. The result?  An array of new customers and stronger sales!

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Digital Marketing

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