Grow Your Business and Increase Sales for Your Clients!


Our innovative plastic postcard mailers are available for resale through our comprehensive Triadex Professional Reseller Program™. Our resellers include:

  • Ad Agencies
  • PR Firms
  • Consultants
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Printers
  • List Providers
  • Creative Agencies
  • Independent Sales Representatives

Triadex assists companies just like yours.  As a reseller, you can turn potential or existing customers into loyal customers. Additionally, our products and turnkey services will help your customers improve their contact with new customers.  As a result, they are able to increase lead captures and sales.

For nearly 20 Years, Triadex Services and its Resellers have Actively Managed Thousands of Mailer Programs Across a Variety of Industries.

To begin, we sought to answer the important question:

What’s the key to any direct mail program?

The answer: Get your prospect’s attention so they will act on your offer.

Next, we built a formula to make your client’s campaign stand above the rest.  This includes enticing Calls to Action combined with our plastic pop-out card mailers.

Above all, we made it possible, as a reseller, to provide your clients with highly effective marketing tools.

Our Skills and Expertise

We strive to help our clients increase their exposure with as little upfront cost as possible. We assist in improving redemption rates as well as increasing ROI.  All through advanced mailing solutions and other marketing tools.

As a reseller, you’ll be able to increase your client’s sales and brand. To illustrate, major retailers and restaurants clients have seen redemption rates soar.  The practice of adding discount gift cards to a mail piece has proven successful. As a matter of fact, some campaigns recorded rates up to 71%!

Finally, combine this strategy with email or other paid advertising.  Then, you’ll get results even faster!

We look forward to the opportunity of helping you grow your business.

For more information on becoming a Triadex Professional Reseller, contact us at or call us at our Corporate Office