Customer Testimonials

customer testimonials

Some of our clients prefer to remain private. But, others have freely shared their success stories. So, we’ve put together several Customer Testimonials for you.

“I don’t want our competitors to know about Triadex, you guys are my secret weapon! Double-digit redemption rates are very hard to find in the direct mail industry.” – Director of Marketing, Fast Casual Restaurant Chain

Our Customer Testimonials Showcase Triadex Services
Real World Results

We strive to help our clients maximize their exposure with the lowest possible upfront investment. We help to improve redemption rates through innovative postcard mailing solutions and other advanced marketing tools.

A Card Mailer Marketing Program can significantly increase your sales. Major retailers and restaurants have confirmed that redemption rates soar when a discount gift card is used with a direct mail piece. In some cases, as our customer testimonials show, redemption rates have reached double digits! Pair this with email or other paid advertising, and get results even faster!

Triadex Services will work with you to create a turnkey program of services. Our  industry specialists let us put together cross-platform marketing plans.

Interested in hearing about more results? Read some of our Case Studies!

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