Restaurant Marketing With Geofencing

Grow Your Sales in Just 7 Days with Location-Based Marketing

What is Geofencing?

When it comes to restaurant promotion ideas and strategies, no stone should be left unturned. Restaurant owners and marketers are now able to target customers based on their specific location.

Geofencing technology allows you to set invisible boundaries around areas or buildings your target market would likely visit. Also, geofencing marketing works with approximately 47% of smartphone users via their GPS.  No additional apps are needed.

What are the Benefits of
Location-Based Marketing?

Triadex Services’ location-based marketing with geofencing allows restaurants to reach their target audience with pinpoint accuracy.

Imagine being able to show an ad to people who walked through your competitor’s doors this week.

That idea, which once sounded impossible, is now a reality. Restaurant advertising with geofencing allows Triadex to efficiently reach more of your target audience while being highly cost-effective.

Once someone enters a geofenced area, they are added to your marketing list. Some potential areas to consider geofencing include:

  • Your restaurant
  • The surrounding area
  • Your top competitors

How are Ads Displayed
to this Audience?

Consumers who have entered your targeted area will be shown mobile ads when browsing thousands of the most popular websites and apps. These sites and apps include USA Today, CNN, The Weather Channel, and many more.

Companies can set a limit on the number of impressions per campaign and the number of ads shown to each individual. You can display timely, unique ads to these consumers such as special promotions, new locations, or coupons.

restaurant geofencing

Add Direct Mail Marketing
to Your Campaign

By adding direct mail marketing to your digital ads campaign, you can enhance your restaurant marketing strategy even further. Triadex can match approximately 90% of the smartphone users within a geofenced area with their home address.

Our fast pass program prints and mails your ads in as little as 48 hours, creating a powerful synergy with the digital ads being shown on your audience’s mobile phones.

Therefore, by exposing your target market to similar ads both digitally and in print, you will create more exposure and reinforce your branding, leading to even more new customers and sales!

Click here for more information about Direct Mail marketing.

restaurant geofencing

How can I Track the
Success of these Ads?

One way of measuring the success of these ads is by tracking how many targeted customers physically enter your restaurant after receiving an ad. This would be done by geofencing each of your locations participating in the campaign.

Additionally, by including a unique promo code on each digital and direct mail ad, you can track the campaign’s success down to the offer redeemed and dollar amount. Triadex can help you grow your sales in just 7 days and provide an unbeatable return on your investment!

How do I get Started?

To find out more give us a call today. One of our experienced industry specialists would be happy to speak with you!