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Find out best practices in mailing lists and plastic postcard campaigns that have resulted in stellar redemption rates.

For nearly 20 years, Triadex Services has advised thousands of companies nationwide. Consequently, we grow clients’ sales profitably using direct mail marketing services.
Our experience creating direct mail marketing programs will connect you with customers in new ways. We aim to help you achieve your growth objectives.

17 Years in Business | $1 Billion in Revenue for Clients

Triadex Services direct mail marketing programs help identify your target audience using:

  • Locations
  • Lifestyle
  • Purchasing Habits
  • and More

Then, we track this info in a way that helps increase ROI on future mailings. As a result, this aids in creating the most effective list possible. Therefore, helping gain the best ROI from your direct mail campaign.

Our direct mail marketing plastic card printing programs generate new customers at the LOWEST cost per lead. Furthermore, every plastic postcard can be addressed to the prospective customer for a personalized feel. Additionally, there is no envelope to open so your offer will be seen immediately.

Unlike regular postcards, our durable plastic pop-off cards can be placed in a wallet for future use. Our new and unique design is one of the thickest pieces allowed in the mail stream. This ensures your offer will stand out. All products are available in full-color digital printing to ensure high-quality images.

Finally, Triadex Services handles everything from start to finish and give you the freedom to stay focused on your business.