EDDM | Every Door Direct Mail

Are You Looking for a Simple, Cost-Effective, and Proven Direct Mail Solution?


EDDM, aka Every Door Direct Mail, is just that. Delivery to every door in a particular postal route. Provided by the USPS, it allows you to mail to entire areas without the need to rent or purchase a mailing list. Instead, you simply choose your desired postal routes. Then, your direct mail campaign will be delivered to every active address in those routes.

Consequently, Triadex has helped retailers, restaurants, and service providers just like yours win new customers.  Together, we’ve achieved double-digit redemption rates and revenue growth with our incentive every door direct mail and marketing services.

EDDM Qualifications:

  • Your direct mail piece must be taller than 6.125″ or longer than 11.5″ and smaller than 12″ x 15″.
  • You must target zip codes that are in routes.
  • There is no need to purchase a mailing list because the post office will deliver one piece to each home.
  • You can mail up to 5,000 pieces per mailer, per day.
  • Your pieces will be delivered within 7-14 business days.

every door direct mail

Use Offers that Spark a Reaction

Your offer may be as varied as you would like.  Our experience has shown, however, the more desirable the call to action (CTA), the better response you’ll receive.

For example: In the automotive direct mail industry, many dealers and manufacturers are finding FREE GAS with a new car purchase is proving irresistible.

Offers from $300 up to $1000 worth of gas will encourage buyers and move inventory, resulting in a winning automotive marketing campaign!

The right promotion will make your EDDM direct mail campaign that much more successful.

Triadex Moves Quickly

Get your special offer into the hands of prospective buyers before your competition.  Therefore, increasing traffic to your location faster. With Triadex, your special offer can be “fast-tracked” to get to your prospect more quickly. Then, your special offer can be in-home in a matter of days, not weeks!

Even one or two days ahead of your competitors can be the difference between a lost sale or a customer for life.

Fortunately, you have a marketing partner that understands the difference and handles all the details for you.

According to First Data Research, three out of four consumers are interested in buying or testing a product based on receiving an incentive card in the mail.

Want to Stand Out Even More?

Triadex Services now offers over 30 different custom shapes for our plastic direct mail postcards. Choose from 20 mil, 24 mil, 26 mil, 28 mil, and 30 mil thickness.  The unique look of our direct mail postcards often produces conversion rates 4 – 10 times the industry average!

EDDM and plastic postcard campaigns are especially versatile. In addition to standard mailers, they can be used as:

  • Multi-promotional mailers
  • Gift Cards
  • Key Tags
  • Incentive Cards
  • Multi-use Coupons
  • And More!


Likewise, we have a number of unique options with our die-cut plastic direct mail postcards.

Die-Cut Options Include:

  • Tooth shaped cards for Dentists
  • Poker chips for Casinos
  • Wine bottles for wine retailers
  • Hanging Ornaments for the Holidays

The Triadex wallet size, credit card-like card also features high-quality graphics. As a result, the combo makes them a natural and attractive card to be put into anyone’s wallet. In a wallet, your offer stands out like a handheld billboard that acts as a constant reminder of your company and offer.


Mailing List Options that Target the Right Customers

Starting to consider plastic or other postcard options over EDDM?  If you try one of our other mail campaign options, one very important question you need to answer is: “Who will receive my offer?”

Why waste money targeting households with little need for your product?

At Triadex, we have spent millions of dollars on proprietary lists. This lets us target prospects that are more likely to respond to your offer. Consequently, Triadex ensures the audience is ripe for your offer and able to act on it.

Click here for more information on our Mailing List options.

Whether you'd like to stick with EDDM or would like more information on our other direct mail options, contact Triadex Services today to begin your direct mail campaign!