Direct Mail Retargeting

Direct Mail Retargeting

Turning Website Visitors into Customers

direct mail retargeting

The problem? Years of excessive online remarketing programs have left consumers tuning out repetitive digital ad efforts, many going as far as using ad blocking software to avoid seeing it altogether. Additionally:

  • The industry average response rate for digital ad retargeting = .5%.
  • The average response rates for direct mail retargeting = 4%
  • Direct mail remarketing works 8x BETTER than digital retargeting ads!

NOTE: Redemption rates of direct mail have been measured up to 20% – equaling 40x higher than digital adverts.

What is Direct Mail Retargeting?

It’s the process of gathering key data from your website to send real-time targeted direct mail to your customer, and so far, the results have been very promising. Consumer reporting has been able to track improved response rates of up to 20%, especially when:

  • The direct mail piece is interesting and personalized to the customer,
  • The offer is appealing,
  • And most importantly – a quick turnaround is achieved.

How Direct Mail Retargeting Works

From On-line To Off-line

  1. A visitor lands on your website and accepts the pop-up box “Allow Access to Location” option.
  2. The EXACT address of the visitor can be determined in approximately 20% of the cases.
  3. A personalized direct mail piece with a Special Offer is printed and mailed…usually overnight.
  4. Your Special Offer is in the hands of your site visitor…within DAYS!

how direct mail retargeting worksAs a result, by proactively re-engaging the prospect, you have now converted a visitor to a PAYING CUSTOMER!

Reasons Marketers Use Direct Mail Retargeting

First, To Pull Back in “Shopping Cart Bouncers”

It happens all the time, an item gets placed in an online shopping cart, but the customer doesn’t complete their purchase. With direct mail retargeting, you’re able to give your custom a tangible reminder and provide an incentive to finalize that purchase.

FACT – Direct Mail Retargeting Provides A Longer Window Of Consideration For Purchasing Decisions

Second, To Begin Compiling a New Targeted Mailing List

By capturing actual mailing addresses from your website traffic, you now have a rich list of targeted prospects who initiated contact with YOUR BRAND! What better group of prospects to target with an ongoing direct mail campaign highlighting your new promotions and products!

Third, To Maintain a Good Relationship with Your Active Customers

Remarketing not only works by converting new customers but will also assist in persuading first timers to become repeat clients. Do this by developing an automated cross-sell and upsell campaign, informing your customers of promotions, new products and even loyalty programs.

Direct Mail Retargeting -vs- Display Ads & Traditional Direct Mail

direct mail retargeting -vs- digital display ads

Send to All Visitors or Filter By Demographic Data

direct mail retargeting demographic options

A Few Tips to make Remarketing Work Even Harder

Go from Digital to Analog

The best direct mail campaigns are born from successful email marketing. Why? Open rates for direct mail usually run higher than email.

Test and Track

In particular, try to make as many mailers as possible an A/B test. This will give you a strong idea of what is working and what isn’t so you can adjust accordingly. Then, make sure you have an accurate method to calculate conversions. This can be done several ways, like limiting each mailer to a single CTA, using unique promo and tracking codes, and providing separate landing pages.

Make it Personal

Above all, content personalized to the specific customer performs better.

In short, to win new business quickly and maintain contact with your current customers. Contact Triadex Services today at 877-874-2339!