Triadex Tracking Portal – For Better Direct Mail Advertising

The simplest way to gather data from a campaign is with the addition of tracking numbers. Adding a unique tracking number to each promo card that includes a barcode allows you to measure your direct mail efforts in real-time with our proprietary tracking portal.

The Right Mailing List Service Provides a Wealth of Information

You can receive the following data in the tracking portal based on your mailing list type:

Saturation Lists:

  • Location of Redeemer

Targeted Lists (Data varies depending on original list demographics):

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Households with Children
  • Address Type Indicator
  • Homeowner/Renter
  • Household Income
  • Marital Status
  • Zip Code
  • Length of Residence

The metrics received from the Triadex Tracking Portal will aid you in determining the direction of future campaigns. Using this data, you can determine:

  • What areas to mail to next.
  • How to adjust demographics to target a better audience.
Features & Benefits
  • Real-time reports let you see your new customers in real-time.
  • Barcodes allow you to scan your cards to save time.
  • Test multiple campaigns at the same time to see what works best.
  • Save money and target new customers by leaving out previous redeemers.
  • Grow sales by basing your marketing on data mining facts, not guesses.
  • Boost sales during “slow” periods by mailing to your existing customer base.
  • Increase your customer base by “cloning” the customers you already have.
  • Save money by only mailing to customers who fit your Prospect Profile.

Data mining can increase the ROI of your future mailings.

Tracking Your Direct Mail Advertising - How It Works

Embedded in each barcode is data specific to the recipient. After the paper or plastic card mailer is redeemed by the customer a standard barcode scanner is used to scan the barcode.

With the Triadex Tracking Portal, demographic data mining of the individual redeemers becomes available in real-time.

Finally, collecting redeemer’s information lets you compile a list of customers without requiring additional sign-ups.

tracking portal

tracking portal