Triadex Cares

We Understand The Growing Concern About Protecting Our Environment

We take pride in making sure our products make the least impact possible on the world around us.

A Tree Planted With Every Order

Did you know, one tree can offset the carbon impact of a single Triadex order in less than 5 years?

This according to an environmental impact study done at the University of South Florida.

That’s why, at Triadex Services, we plant a tree with every single order!

Thanks to a partnership with the National Forest Foundation. Each order = one tree added to a national forest. Since beginning this partnership, Triadex Services has been responsible for the planting of thousands of trees within the U.S.

Through your support, we are helping to reduce our carbon footprint on the world around us.

Environmentally Friendly Product Options

When placing an order for a direct mail service, consider choosing the Teslin Substrate Card.  This special product, courtesy of PPG Industries, Inc., is an environmentally friendly alternative.

Using a Teslin substrate, your card mailer will also be complying with environmental guidelines to minimize waste. The Teslin substrate is a durable and recyclable plastic with very important eco-friendly characteristics including:


Teslin substrate is non-toxic.


Park benches, industrial signs, and plastic lumber are just some of the items that recycled Teslin substrate is being used to make. In general, it can be recycled into general use bulk plastics and is classified as a classification 7 (other resins or multi-resin polymers) using the voluntary container-coding system.

Forest Friendly

Teslin substrate does not contribute to forest harvesting since it doesn’t contain any wood or cellulose-based materials.

Strong & Long Lasting

Teslin substrate’s strength and durability help to conserve our earth’s resources with minimal environmental impact.

Ozone Safe

Teslin substrate does not include any ozone-depleting substances.

Safe for Disposal

If disposed of instead of recycled, Teslin substrate will not leach into groundwater from a landfill. It is also safe for incineration in conditions of excess oxygen since it will only release water, CO2, energy, and clean ash (from silica filler which is derived from sand) when burned.