Plastic Postcard Mailers

Triadex Services' Plastic Postcard Mailers are Superior to Traditional Direct Mail.

Nothing works better than a Plastic Postcard Mailers campaign created by experts who love helping clients grow. In some cases, our postcard marketing redemption rates have reached up to 71%! As budgets are stretched, Marketing Professionals employ the lowest Cost-Per-Lead and highest Return-On-Investment (ROI). We successfully manage thousands of marketing programs and tens of millions of postcards.  All across multiple industries every year.

Why Plastic Postcard Mailers are a Superior Choice to Traditional Direct Mail:

  • Save money with rock-bottom postage discounts
  • Save time with our in-house postcard design team
  • Grow your business by targeting every local mailbox
  • Deliver focused offers to targeted audiences
  • Lower your cost per piece while generating a higher ROI
  • Fast & easy turnkey solution

Postcard Features and Options

Standard Size - 4.25" x 5.652"

Plastic Postcard

Plastic Postcards

Plastic Postcard

Mid Size - 3.75" x 7.785"

Jumbo Size - 5.5" x 8.5"

Mega Size - 5.5" x 11"

Remarkable Redemption Rates

Many of our clients are enjoying unbelievable redemption rates courtesy of our plastic postcard direct mailers. Documented redemption rates range anywhere from 7% to 71%! The profit potential for you is significant and can dramatically improve your company’s ROI.

Pop-out Gift Cards Stand Out Among the Rest

Our clients see redemption rates soar when a discount gift card is included on a direct mail piece. The key to any direct mail program is to get your prospect’s attention. Then, make them want to act on your offer. Plastic postcard marketing will do just that.

Our plastic postcards stand out in any mailbox. The wallet size, credit card thickness, and high-quality graphics make it immediately noticeable. Your brand stands out like a hand-held billboard in any wallet or purse. Then, it becomes a constant reminder of your company and offer.

According to First Data Research, seventy-six percent (76%) of consumers are interested in purchasing or trying a new product based on receiving a gift card in the mail.

Varied Sizes to Fit Your Needs

Direct mailer sizes - sizing chart

Here are some of our most popular pop-out card templates:

Direct Mail Postcards

Standard Size 5.625″ x 4.25″

Direct Mail Postcards

Mid Size 7.875″ x 3.75″

Direct Mail Postcards

Jumbo Size 8.5″ x 5.5″

Likewise, die-cut direct mail postcards also feature high-quality graphics. As a result, the combo makes them a natural and attractive card to be put into anyone’s wallet. In a wallet, your offer stands out like a handheld billboard that acts as a constant reminder of your company and offer.

Click here for more information about our Custom Die Cut Postcards.

Environmentally Friendly Products

We understand the growing concern about being environmentally conscious. And so, we take pride in making sure our Triadex Cares program and products make the least impact possible on the world around us.

See more information about our Triadex Cares Program.

Plastic Postcards - Industries We Serve

Triadex Services proudly offers high-quality, durable, and effective plastic postcard mailers for a variety of industries. Learn more about how we could help your unique business with directed marketing efforts!

Automotive Plastic Postcards

Plastic postcard mailers are a great option for automotive shops and dealerships. Durable, shiny direct mailers are a simple way to get your message across and drive more traffic to your dealership. Our customizable, flashy postcards can be made to look just like the shiny new vehicles in your showroom to draw interest.

Restaurant Plastic Postcards

We can partner with your restaurant to great plastic postcards that will get noticed and draw in new customers to your business. We have the marketing expertise to figure out exactly the types of people who will respond and we will figure out the best ways to market to potential customers in your neighborhood.

Add a pop-out as a part of a membership offer or frequent diner cards to encourage customer loyalty. This is also a great way to send out gift cards to bring back old customers and encourage new customers to try out your restaurant.

Health & Beauty Plastic Postcards

Plastic postcard mailers are a terrific marketing option for local beauty salons, spas, hair salons, makeup stores, tanning salons, skin care centers, cosmetic dermatology offices, fitness centers, and more shops. We offer endless options and die cuts to create the perfect mailer to catch the eye of your ideal customer.

Consider adding in some before and after shots of your clients on these durable postcards to garner interest. We also recommend including a first-time buyer coupon to bring in new clients.

Increase your retail sales and draw in new customers with targeted direct mail campaigns using durable, glossy plastic postcards. You can use these to notify customers in your area of an upcoming sale, draw attention to your website, and more.

Home Service Plastic Postcards

If you are in the home service industry, you need effective ways to get the word out about your business. Our plastic postcard mailers are a fast, cost-effective way to communicate with your ideal customers in your area about your services. These are a great marketing tool for businesses offering house cleaning, HVAC, remodeling services, roofing, garage door service, landscaping, pest control, plumbing, and more. Once you reach one person in the neighborhood, word of mouth will spread and your client base will grow!

Get the best results for your real estate marketing dollars with plastic postcard mailers. These go beyond sending out a generalized advertising blast, and we can send noticeable, durable mailers that will capture the attention of your ideal prospects using their name and property address. You could use these to inform leads of pre-qualified buyers ready to buy their home or as a way to drive new prospects to start consulting with you on their home buying or selling needs. Add a pop-off “gift card” that doubles as your realtor business card to encourage prospective clients.

Casino Plastic Postcards

What better way to draw interest in your casino than to send out a flashy, glitzy, quality plastic postcard that gives the right impression of your exciting establishment. We will help you capture your prospective customers’ attention with eye-catching features and unique casino advertising. Include a scratch-off area with a contest for recipients to give them a taste of the fun they will have when they visit your establishment in person.

Franchise Plastic Postcards

Whether you are opening a new franchise or want to reach longtime customers with incentives, our plastic postcard mailers are a great way to make the most out of your marketing dollars. We can send out high-quality, customized mailers to those in your typical buyer profile. We work with corporate-approved art and logos. Get in touch with us now to figure out the best way to introduce new items, offers, or nationwide specials.

Why Choose Triadex Services

We create results-driven campaigns.

Triadex Services creates marketing programs using plastic postcards that are results-driven to create a bigger impact. We help various industries connect with new customers in meaningful ways and we generate new customers at the lowest cost per lead in the entire industry.

We offer high-quality products.

Triadex plastic postcards always use high-quality, full-color digital printing with high resolution images. These durable mailers are the best way to make your brand stand out and encourage potential customers to hang on to them while sifting through mail.

We move faster.

Triadex also moves faster than other options in the industry. We can get your special offer sent out before the competition, increasing the traffic to your location quickly. Talk to us about fast-tracking your plastic card mailers to get them into the homes in your target area in a matter of days.

We are environmentally friendly.

Triadex Services is the eco-friendly choice for plastic postcard mailers. We actively support green initiatives and donate money to environmental charities at the local, national, and international levels. We are proud to do our part in giving back and we will even plant one tree for every order you place!

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