Gearing up for the “Grand Re-Opening” of the U.S. Economy
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Gearing up for the “Grand Re-Opening” of the U.S. Economy


Maybe you’ve heard the reference, or maybe you haven’t:  the “Grand Re-Opening”.  As we can all attest to right now, we are in unchartered territory, and doing our best to cope with COVID-19.  We are all trying to find our “new normal,” and that will likely become a fluid term because what feels “normal” now will be different in the following weeks and months.  Eventually though, through even the darkest times, we will make it out stronger, wiser, and more prepared.  The history of crisis and economic struggle in America has proven this time and time again.

Despite the unknown currently looming ahead of us, we do know that there will ultimately be a “grand re-opening” of our economy.  We don’t have a timeline or an exact date of when this will take place, but we can already see it happening in other parts of the world as they slowly rebuild themselves.  We need to be as ready and as prepared as they are to do the same thing.

The time has come to really dive into the data.  The “normal” daily workflow has obviously become different, with many company employees now working remotely.  Being limited in certain aspects of business is allowing for more time to be spent in other areas.  Now, more than ever is a good time to look internally and focus on improving the brand.  Sorting through the information that is available has become a necessity.  Just as important as focusing on the present, it is equally important to focus on the future.  Putting in quality work now will give us the opportunity to emerge even stronger than we were before these unforeseen challenges began.

So how can you prepare your company for the Grand Re-opening?

Be Open-minded

Try new things. What worked before may not work now, and it may not work later. Find new ways to market.  Set yourself apart.  Maybe the typical advertisements you have previously created are no longer conducive to the current atmosphere.  Staying in front of your audience is key during this time!

Have you tried Digital Marketing?  People are using social media and the internet increasingly more, as it is providing them with some degree of connection to the outside world.  Maybe you are a restaurant still providing take-out and delivery… Have you considered sending menu mailers to the homes of consumers within close proximity to your location?  Being able to transition towards the digital side of marketing will allow you to adapt in these ever-changing times.

Dive Headfirst Into Your Data

Data audits can be a daunting task. Where do you even start?  Yet they are necessary to accurately gain a full understanding of the customer view; which will inevitably help with strategies regarding future engagement.  New data is bound to emerge during this pandemic.

Your current customer may be quite different than your pre-pandemic customer.

Your post-pandemic customer may end up being even more unique than the original the further we progress through this situation.

You may even consider doing an A/B test to market directly to these newly diverse customer profiles to see which fares best.  Omni-channel marketing could be highly beneficial right now.  The match rates for Omni-channel marketing help to create a unified audience with the ability to reach the same people through different channels.  Give it a shot!

Overhaul Your Website

Think about your company as a whole.  Does your website reflect the overall purpose?  When a consumer views your website will they be able to tell what it is you do?

Check to see if all the services you offer are listed and accessible.  Do you have content available for them all?  Maybe your website information or layout needs an update.  Digital information can easily become stale.  Have you thought about keywords?  How about your links?  Do they all work properly and streamline the process for the customer?  Electronic convenience is now more crucial than ever before.

Let Your Consumers Hear Your Voice

Blogging is a great way to keep your consumers engaged, especially during these challenging social times.  Consumers are often eager for new content. They want something new and interesting to read among the repetitive and mundane.  While many people are feeling disconnected, blogging is a good way to bridge the gap.

Not only will it offer insight for your consumers, but it is also a great way to assist in boosting your company’s SEO.

Plan Ahead - Start Now

Start putting new ideas in motion.  Devise a plan now for how you want to re-enter the marketing world once things return to some degree of normalcy.

  • Create the artwork for your advertisements
  • Work on your marketing material
  • Decide what you want to say directly to your consumer base
  • Speak with your professional partners to get a strategy in place

All this will allow you to strike when the iron is hot!   If all businesses will eventually re-emerge at the same time, what will set you apart from your competitors?

If we sit down and really think about how we can become better from this, there truly is a great opportunity to make progress.  History has shown that during difficult times, people prevail.  What is essential now is to remember that the current state we are living in is temporary, not permanent.  The present moment is the ideal time to strategize as a company, and as a brand, for a Grand Re-opening.