Triadex Services Partners with Allant Group to Drive Greater Results in AI/ML-Powered Marketing Initiatives
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Triadex Services Partners with Allant Group to Drive Greater Results in AI/ML-Powered Marketing Initiatives


Downers Grove, IL – Allant Group LLC, a Customer Data Orchestration company, announces their partnership with Triadex Services, a data-first marketing agency, to leverage data and analytics to deliver exceptional results for businesses across various industries.

Through this partnership, Triadex Services will harness the power of Allant’s Customer Data Orchestration Platform, AMP+, to advance its hyperlocal marketing solutions for multi-unit businesses. Through enriched data and customer insights, Triadex Services aims to optimize campaign strategies, improve targeting accuracy, and drive higher conversion rates across multiple channels.

“Allant’s superpower is their ability to activate third-party data, at-the-ready, assembled, and available for analysis, in one frictionless environment,” said Greg Mesaros, CEO at Triadex Services. “With Allant, we are gaining in-market efficiencies in understanding our client market segments, getting them to market more quickly, and accelerating sales growth. This combination of speed and scalability drives greater performance for restaurants, home services, personal services, and auto services, that they won’t find anywhere else than with Triadex.”

Allant’s Customer Data Orchestration Platform, AMP+, provides quick data analysis and speed-of-thought selection giving users the ability to activate targeted data necessary to execute tailored channel strategies that encourage conversion at every moment that matters. Allant specializes in creating right size, data-rich, custom solutions through flexibility and long-standing industry experience in train-of-thought data analysis and activation by harnessing its composed dataset of 2B audience IDs and over 4400 attributes to build more sophisticated buyer personas, improve personalization accuracy, and inform more compelling messaging.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Triadex based on their rich history of working with name brands to scale growth for their clients,” said Michael D. Fisher, CEO at Allant. “This is an extraordinary opportunity to bring sophisticated, big brand strategies, like AI/ML models, to clients of varying sizes with hyperlocal campaign needs.”

For more information about how Allant Group enriches customer data with third-party data to improve outcomes and provide in-depth representations of your ideal customers, please click here.

About Triadex Services:
Triadex Services is the premier marketing agency dedicated to empowering multi-unit businesses to achieve extraordinary success through data-driven marketing solutions. Backed by a team of expert data scientists and armed with access to over 3 billion data points, we leverage strategic insights and innovative approaches to help clients achieve unparalleled sales growth and outperform their competition. With a specialized focus on multi-unit businesses and franchises, we offer AI/ML-powered targeting capabilities and tailored, hyperlocal marketing solutions to drive results and maximize ROI. Committed to environmental stewardship, we implement sustainable practices to minimize our carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier planet. To discover how Triadex Services leverages cutting-edge marketing strategies and data-driven solutions to empower your business for growth, visit our website.

About Allant Group

Allant’s Customer Data Orchestration Platform accelerates profitable growth and reduces costs by revolutionizing the process of transforming data into customer insights with unparalleled flexibility and speed. By seamlessly integrating your customer data with the market’s largest composed dataset, our platform empowers you to discover breakthrough customer insights that drive innovative business decisions and activities faster than you could ever imagine.

Allant Group, the premier provider of data enrichment and customer insights activation for all the moments that matter, is a privately held company headquartered in the Chicago area, serving clients across North America.