Strategic Business Solutions

strategic business solutions

Triadex offers a wide range of strategic business solutions, including creative and product services. All focused to grow your business.

Click each tab below to learn more about our strategic business solutions. Choose from a full-service program or separate services that are focused on specific objectives or budget.

Triadex Postcard Mailers are More Effective Than Traditional Postcards

Many marketers only focus on the up-front cost of the direct mail piece.  However, in this economy, Cost-Per-Lead and ROI are what matters most. With high-quality commercial print and sturdy 20 mil – 30 mil thick plastic composite material, our postcards stand out among all other direct mail pieces.

We offer our clients high-impact, creative services powered by our in-house team of content and creative experts. We build creative and effective designs for campaigns across all platforms.

Send an Ad to a Potential Lead When They Visit Your Competition!

Mobile Marketing has always been a good marketing tool.  And, it keeps getting more effective. Thanks to GeoTargeting, you can now send an ad to a potential lead not only when they visit your locations, but when they walk into your competition’s location!

Mobile marketing can also provide customers and potential customers with personalized, time and location sensitive information.  All with the goal of driving a recordable call to action and increase sales.

Access to Real-Time Reporting Is A Crucial Strategic Business Solutions

Learning more about your target audiences aids in building the best marketing plan.  Information including geography, demographics, purchase behavior and more lets you better target potential leads.

Our reporting options let you download data for deep-dive performance analytics. Test different variables and collect data from various campaigns to track potential trends.

We help you analyze historical data to isolate key variables.  Then, you can work on improving performance metrics for each upcoming marketing campaign.

Direct Mail + Online Marketing = Effective Omni-channel Marketing

Reach out to a potential customer through a combined direct mail, digital advertising, and email marketing campaign. Our integrated marketing options engage your target audience and provide a one-two approach.

We deliver a full-service email marketing program that is integrated and fully measurable across all platforms. Plus, we will help you implement multi-channel digital marketing to target and engage prospects across social networks and online advertising.

Easily connect with your audiences across multiple platforms to target audiences with the digital ad space before and after receiving your special plastic postcard offer.

Looking to personalize your offers even more? Consider adding Direct Mail Retargeting to your marketing plan to pull customer back in to your online store and finish the sale!

While online promotions will help your business expand, using them in conjunction with in-store promotions and advertising will have an even greater impact.

We help you engage with your customer in proven ways to drive in-store sales.  All by providing timely, relevant and targeted information as the person goes through the purchase process and becomes a new customer.

On-Demand Data Mining Services Through All Phases

From your initial list selection to targeted recommendations post campaign, we will work with you to achieve your growth goals. What better way to increase your budget than with analytics on how to find and then target your ideal customer!

Going Beyond Traditional Letter Shop Services

Our E-Billing service enables your customers to receive and pay their bills online. Providing customers with billing customer care, convenience, and choice is important. Doing so maintains a successful relationship and grows your market share.

Furthermore, it lets you reduce expenses and speed up cash flow with multiple payment options. Our unique hybrid program incorporates the traditional mail customer billing and the convenience of E-Billing.