2021 Direct Mail Marketing
Direct Mail Marketing

2021 Direct Mail Marketing


What are direct mail marketing campaigns?

For some, the perception is that they merely involve mailing postcards out to random addresses in the hopes some of them will be picked up and taken an interest in. However, direct mail in 2021, like all marketing strategies, requires you to focus on the important elements that will make up your campaign to achieve the highest rate of success.

Many variables can make or break your marketing strategy and by having a complete understanding of what goes into a successful direct mail marketing campaign in 2021, you will see the growth you are hoping to obtain.

Determining When to Incorporate Direct Mail into your Marketing Strategy

Knowing when to include direct mail in 2021 is a very important step toward a successful mailing campaign. You will need to make sure the campaign is strategically planned to hit the appropriate audience at the appropriate time. The most obvious example of this concept is Fall Back to School promotions.  Other examples are of course Pre-Holiday and Post-Holiday Sales.

Other options include Birthday or New Movers mailers.  Consider setting up a monthly mailer program that targets only Birthdays for that month and/or newcomers to your area. Imagine the impression you will make when a newcomer received a PERSONALIZED “Welcome to the Neighborhood” postcard.

When you focus on the timing and audience for a campaign, it also helps to remain consistent.  Target the best audience that you know makes up the majority of your business. Filtering your mailing list by age and income demographics will also aid you in making sure your direct mailer will be sent to the audience most likely to take notice.

By doing so you will increase the likelihood of creating new prospects and growing your sales.

Target Your Audience Through Numerous Mailings

Once you have reached out and earned a new client’s interest, it’s good to maintain that connection.

Retargeting a successful mailing list or new client list created from a previous campaign lets you keep your business and services at the top of your customers’ minds. Additionally, sending direct mail more than once to initial “non-responders” can also improve your customer growth and sales. After all, just because someone may not be interested in your services now, does not mean they won’t be interested in the future.

Having your target audience in place already determined can allow you to remain consistent.

Personalized Mailers Make a HUGE Impression

There is a big difference between receiving a postcard that says, “To Current Resident or Occupant” and receiving a postcard addressed to you personally. What is more, having a birthday mailer say “Happy Birthday Mary” versus “Happy Birthday” can make receiving the mailer almost like receiving a birthday present from a friend. Add a free service or product as part of the promo, and that is exactly what you will be giving them. Other personalization options could be as simple as placing photos of similarly aged people on the card mailer as your target audience.

Or, you can take it to the next level entirely.  Through the Triadex Services Website Retargeting Program, you can send customized card mailers, to the exact customer base you are targeting, in direct response to them visiting your website.

For example, a person within your target audience visits your website and clicks on a few product pages. Perhaps they even go as far as putting an item in their “cart” but do not complete the sale. With direct mail retargeting, you can send a postcard to that person within 48 hours reminding them of the item and even providing them with an incentive to go back and make the purchase.

Measuring Your Campaign’s Performance

Knowing how your campaign did allows you to determine what adjustments to make to subsequent ones in the future.  With each campaign, you can gather data to better improve your direct mail marketing strategies. Without the ability to measure your campaign’s successes, it will be difficult to know how to pivot your campaign and what adjustments to make.

At Triadex, we work to provide you with the most accurate results of each mail campaign so you will have the ability to view the performance of each promotion.

Make Your Call-to-Action Count

Having a promotion or incentive that will bring people in is key to a successful campaign. So often, we see many businesses make the mistake of sending out a promotional mailer, but without a call-to-action. Some believe just having their brand on the piece to show that they are opening a new location, or just checking in, will bring in more business. Very rarely does this achieve the response they were hoping for.

New customers need to be given an incentive to check out your services. Analyze your business and see which promotions and advertisements you can use. Much like people, each business has its own needs.  You will want to personalize your CTA to best match your needs AND the needs of your target audience.

Don’t Stop with Direct Mail

Integrating your direct mail with other marketing strategies will improve your brand awareness and make customers more inclined to continue with your services. Direct mail does not just have to be used on its own. By targeting new leads online and offline, you can improve your chances of attracting new business and growing your sales. Triadex Services now offers digital advertising services that will compliment your direct mail strategy. Using the mailing list for your campaign, we can send those that will receive the card mailer digital ad’s right to their devices. In case a customer is not receptive to your direct mail marketing strategies then you need not worry, you can still capture their business from their cellphone and computer instead. Stay in front of your prospects and stay ahead of the competition with direct mail marketing and online advertising services.

direct mail is not dead