Direct Mail Postcards

Promote Your Business with Direct Mail Postcards and Marketing Services

Sales and service providers come to Triadex Services for our proven direct mail postcards and marketing services.  Consequently, Triadex has helped retailers, restaurants, and service providers just like yours win new customers.  Together, we’ve achieved double-digit redemption rates and revenue growth. All with our direct mail postcards and marketing services.

Triadex Services offers over 30 different options for our direct mail postcards. In addition to various pop off cards choices, choose from 20 mil, 24 mil, 26 mil, 28 mil and 30 mil thicknesses.

The unique look of our direct mail postcards often produce conversion rates 4 – 10 times the industry average!

Direct Mail is Especially Versatile

direct mail postcards

Our postcards can be used as:

Varied Sizes to Fit Your Needs

Direct Mail Postcards

For example, here are some of our most popular pop-out card templates:

Direct Mail Postcards

Standard Size 5.625″ x 4.25″

Direct Mail Postcards

Mid Size 7.875″ x 3.75″

Direct Mail Postcards

Jumbo Size 7.875″ x 3.75″

Likewise, die-cut direct mail postcards also feature high quality graphics. As a result, the combo makes them a natural and attractive card to be put into anyone’s wallet. In a wallet, your offer stands out like a handheld billboard that acts as a constant reminder of your company and offer.

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Use Offers that Spark a Reaction

Your offer may be as varied as you would like.  Our experience has shown, however, the more desirable the call to action (CTA), the better response you’ll receive. For example, in the automotive direct mail industry, many dealers and manufacturers are finding FREE GAS with a new car purchase is proving irresistible.

Offers from $300 up to $1000 worth of gas will encourage buyers and move inventory, resulting in a winning automotive marketing campaign! The right promotion will make your direct mail postcards that much more successful.

Features & Benefits

  • Turnkey Program
  • Increase Sales within 30 Days
  • Build Your Brand
  • Deliver a Customized Message
  • Find New Customers
  • Longer Lasting Message than Paper Postcards
  • High Quality Graphics
  • Documented Success
  • Save Time
  • Save Money with Annual Contracts

Mailing List Options that Target the Right Customers

In a direct mail postcards campaign, one very important question you need to answer is: “Who will receive my offer?”

Why waste money targeting households with little need for your product? At Triadex, we have spent millions of dollars on proprietary lists. This lets us target prospects that are more likely to respond to your offer.

Consequently, Triadex ensures the audience is ripe for your offer and able to act on it.

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