Laminated Plastic Postcard Mailers

Is your company preparing a direct-mail campaign for the first time? Maybe you’ve tried direct-mail campaigns and haven’t achieved the results you were hoping for.

Choosing plastic card mailers or a plastic postcard for your next direct-mail campaign could provide you with the desired end result you’ve read about. What makes laminated postcards so different?

Using Laminated Plastic Postcards for Your Direct-Mail Campaign

Laminated plastic postcard mailers seems exclusive. Targeted printing and other high-quality options make customers feel like they’re receiving something that the average postal recipient isn’t. This creates a unique connection with the consumer right from the start!

“What if they get tossed out like other mail?”

Plastic card mailers pop out, and they’re hard to throw away! Have you ever tried to throw away something that was beautiful or had a perceived value? It’s almost impossible! Consumers will have this same thought process when they sort through their mail and find your unique laminated postcard on their stack of mail.

Maybe you’ve said, “I should be able to achieve the same results with standard printing if my targeting is on point.”

Check out these numbers regarding direct mail in general and how using laminated mailers can improve some already fantastic figures!

Laminated Plastic Postcard Mailers

Laminated Plastic Postcard Mailers

The Importance of Plastic Postcard Mailers for Direct-Mail Campaigns

1. People and Their Mail

People of all ages look forward to checking the mail every day. Having a beautiful, laminated postcard in the mail can enhance their positivity regarding the mail even more.

2. Incredible Numbers

Did you know that the average consumer receives 454 pieces of marketing mail per year? You need to stand out against the competition. A laminated plastic postcard can be just the change you need to grab a consumer’s attention.

3. Response Rates

The average response rate of consumers receiving direct-mail campaigns is 9% for in-house lists and 5% for prospective lists. These numbers are already fairly impressive when compared to other types of advertising. Would you believe that a laminated mailer or postcard can cause these figures to increase by 50 to 75? Well, believe it! This is the power of using laminated postcards for your mail campaigns.

4. Branding and Products

60% of consumers stated they already enjoyed receiving mail regarding brands and new products. How much more enjoyable do you think receiving this information is when it’s on an attention-grabbing laminated plastic postcard?

5. Taking the Time

Forty-two percent of consumers who receive direct mail stated that they read or scan the advertisements they receive. 42% is already a fairly high number in the grand scheme of things. Imagine how high this number rises when a laminated postcard grabs their attention instead of boring, old standard printing.

6. Kept In the House

The typical consumer keeps a piece of marketing mail in their home for an average of 17 days. Can you believe that? This gives all the members of the household plenty of time to read these pieces of mail. The chances of someone noticing and taking advantage of a laminated plastic card mailer with some type of offer are increased because of the dynamic printing!

7. Upping Their Game

Forty-four percent of merchants stated that they raised catalog circulation last year! This means that your direct-mail campaign has to stand out among other retailers. Using a laminated mailer could be the answer you need to blow away the competition!

8. More Spending

Consumers who receive direct mail purchased items and spent more money 28% of the time when compared to consumers who didn’t receive direct mail. How much higher do you think these percentages are raised when the consumer receives a beautiful laminated plastic postcard instead?

9. ROI

Direct mail already offers a 29% ROI. It’s not uncommon for campaigns using laminated mailers to receive an ROI of 50% or higher.

10. Demographic

In the past, consumers aged 45-54 were the demographic who most commonly responded to direct-mail campaigns. Using high-quality graphics allows you to target different demographics and expand age groups and other dynamics for your direct-mail campaigns.

11. Recalling Brands

Consumers reported that they can recall a brand 75% of the time after viewing a direct-mail campaign. Currently, no studies are comparing a consumer’s recollection of standard printing vs. laminated graphics. However, it’s only common sense to assume that something more dynamic will stand out better than standard print!

Clearly, Choosing a Laminated Plastic Card Mailer Has Substantial Benefits When Compared to Standard Printing! The Above Reasons Explain Why a Plastic Postcard Makes Sense from a Business Standpoint.

Benefits of Plastic Postcards

These Are Some of The Reasons Why Laminated Plastic Postcard Mailers Make More Sense From a Design Perspective:

They Feel Different

A laminated plastic card mailer feels different from a consumer who is sorting through their mail. When someone is sifting through a stack of standard paper mail and advertisements, a laminated plastic card mailer will grab their attention, even if they are glossy. A laminated postcard has a far greater chance of being noticed among a sea of mail in a consumer’s hands.

Translucent and Glossy

A laminated plastic card mailer is already glossy, making it stand out from a visual standpoint. Additionally, there are translucent options that can make the designs on these mailers stand out even more. Laminated mailers are more vibrant and stand out even more than the highest quality of paper options

Durable and Waterproof

Paper can degrade and damage within a short period. However, laminated surfaces can hold their appeal for years at a time. A waterproof plastic postcard can stand up to even the harshest of all conditions during a mail route. Because of their durability, there’s no need to account for any losses during the shipping process. This can end up saving you a fair amount of money in the end.

A Plastic Postcard is Attractive and Interactive

It’s important that you impress a potential customer when you start any direct-mail campaign. Laminated postcards allow you to print high-quality graphics on the front and back of the surface of each card, grabbing the consumer’s attention. This attention-grabbing element forces a consumer to focus on your offer, substantially raising the response rates. Because of the additional options, you can include more special offers and discounts with each campaign.

A Plastic Postcard is Rigid

Because of how rigid a laminated postcard is, the consumer sees more value in them. The chances of any recipient just throwing a laminated mailer away are substantially lower than that of normal paper. A consumer is more likely to stop and examine something this rigid and consider it far more valuable in the end. You could take the same two offers, one with normal paper and one on a laminated postcard, and the customer will choose the laminated postcard every time. Consumers inherently see more value in items that are printed on higher-quality mediums.

A Plastic Postcard Mailer is More Personal

There is something that is more personal about a laminated mailer when compared to standard paper options. Having the option to directly print certain things, like your customer’s name and address, along with a link to your website, makes the experience more personal. These elements help you develop a relationship with the consumer because of the personal touches added to each laminated postcard. The higher the level of personalization, the better the response rates for each campaign.

What can I use a plastic postcard mailer for?

Need a Little Motivation? Let’s Look at Some of the Things a Plastic Postcard Mailer Can Be Used For:

1. Coupons

A plastic coupon mailer is a perfect way to show consumers you are willing to help them save money. Using a laminated mailer for this occasion is the perfect way to make it stand out!

2. Gift Cards

Do you have an exceptional offer you want to extend to current or future customers? Using a $10 discount card or a “kids eat free” offer can be the perfect gift card to send to your mailing list. These types of offers usually lead to a huge boom in business and typically a high number of repeat customers.

3. Invitations

If you’re a new business (physical or online-based), you can use a plastic postcard to invite new customers to try out your services. You can consider adding a plastic coupon mailer or discount gift card to your laminated mailer to give the customer more incentive to try your company.

4. Loyalty

Plastic card mailers are perfect for extending customers some type of reward for loyalty. Use a laminated mailer to send out mail to customers that could have recently made a large purchase with your company. Sending out a laminated plastic postcard that rewards them with even a small gift can do wonders for customer loyalty and repeat purchase rates.

5. Membership/Rewards Programs

If your business has many frequent repeat customers, consider using laminated mailers and gift cards to incorporate a membership or rewards program. Because these cards can be printed with personalized barcodes, each card is custom and unique to each recipient. Encourage them to keep their membership or rewards card on them and use it every time they purchase with your business.

Maybe you’re thinking, “A plastic postcard can only be used for certain occasions or discounts. Our business isn’t designed around a lot of specials or promotions.” Or maybe you believe, “We aren’t a new business, so this doesn’t apply to us.”

This simply isn’t true! A plastic postcard can be used for numerous types of occasions and events surrounding your business. These are some of the occasions that a plastic postcard would be perfect for:

  • Launching New Products. Anytime your business launches a new product, you can use a plastic postcard to inform past clients and reach out to new consumers! This is a creative and attention-grabbing way to put the word out about a specific product you want to drum up interest about!
  • Holiday Specials. Regardless of the type of business you’re in, nearly every type of merchant has a holiday special they partake in every year. Use vibrant laminated postcards to send the word out to clients from the past, and use a fresh list to entice new customers to take advantage of holiday savings. This can be a great opportunity to run a split test as well!
  • Reaching New Customers. The lifeblood of any business is the ability to attract new customers. Use a laminated plastic postcard to attract consumers who maybe haven’t tried your business or service yet.
  • Encourage Repeat Business. Encouraging repeat business, in general, should be a common goal of any business owner. A laminated mailer is one of the best ways to say thank you and encourage customers to do business with you again.

Okay, I see how plastic card mailers can be more valuable than standard printing and other direct-mail options. Tell me more about the details.

Plastic Postcard Features and Options

  • High-quality digital printing. Higher quality graphics and lettering stand out from normal paper printing. These do a remarkable job at capturing the consumer’s attention and interest.
  • 20-30mil lamination available. Different lamination options are available, depending on the thickness you want.
  • Custom data printing. Custom data printing allows you to customize each plastic card mailer specifically to each recipient.
  • Pop-off cards and key tags are available. Different sized pop-off cards are available for different designs. These range from keychain size all the way past gift-card size.
  • Loyalty punch card designs. Punch card designs are available for loyalty-based rewards programs.
  • Magnetic strip option. Magnetic strips are available to customize each card for different consumers.
  • Redemption options. There are scratch-off and barcode options for customer redemption.

Plastic postcards come in the following sizes:

  • Standard Size: 4.25” x 5.65”
  • Mid-Size: 3.75” x 7.785”
  • Jumbo Size: 5.5” x 8.5”
  • Mega Size: 5.5” x 11”

Triadex also offers custom die-cut plastic postcards.

The Triadex Cares Program

Each passing day provides another opportunity to be conscious of our precious environment. The Triadex Cares program ensures that our company and products make the smallest possible mark on our environment as possible.

In 2016, Triadex partnered with the National Forest Foundation to create the Triadex Cares program. This program implemented the process of one tree being planted for every order we receive. This includes orders for:

  • Plastic Postcard Orders
  • Paper Direct Mail Products
  • Digital Campaigns
  • List Rentals

With help from our clients, we are helping to reduce the carbon footprint of direct-mail campaigns.

“Okay, the value of plastic card mailers is clear. What are some of the industries that these laminated postcards serve?”

Industries Laminated Postcards Can Benefit

There are multiple industries that a laminated postcard can serve. These are just a sample of the types of companies that can benefit from laminated postcards:

1. Automotive Plastic Postcards

Laminated postcards are a great option for auto shops and dealerships. Regardless of the automotive industry, whether it’s repair or sales, laminated mailers can be a great way to get your message across. Bring customers into your shop for repairs or drive new clients to the showroom floor. High gloss laminated postcards can be a great way to showcase the brilliant and vibrant look of the cars on your lot. Alternatively, laminated mailers are a great way to include discounts and customer loyalty programs.

2. Restaurant Plastic Postcards

Restaurant laminated postcards are the perfect way to draw new customers to your eatery. Showcase beautiful photos of appetizers and entrées that customers will have the choice of ordering when they partake in your establishment.

3. Health and Beauty Plastic Postcards

Local beauty salons, spas, makeup stores, and fitness centers are terrific health and beautiful options for laminated mailers. Include discounts, gift cards, and other coupons as part of your direct-mail campaign. Opening offers and new customer

4. Retail Plastic Postcards

Any retail business can charge their direct-mail campaign with a laminated mailer. Regardless of the industry, laminated postcards are designed to accommodate any item, promo, or special occasion in the retail space. Whether you’re showcasing key products with high graphics or saying thank you with a rewards program, take your targeting to the next level with laminated mailers.

5. Home Service Plastic Postcards

This is one industry that has unlimited potential when it comes to laminated mailers. Home services can include anything from cleaning services, remodeling, garage services, interior decorating, and everything in between. A laminated postcard is a perfect way to introduce new customers to your service or provide a first-time promotion to newcomers. Additionally, using high-quality lettering on the shiny laminated surface can be the perfect way to make consumers never forget your brand.

6. Casino Plastic Postcards

A laminated mailer is ideal for a casino to put the word out about any fabulous all-inclusive package. Alternatively, maybe you’re rewarding frequent gamers with some type of rewards program. A laminated mailer that includes a rewards card with a barcode or magnetic stripe can be a fantastic addition to your promotional methods. Another great idea would be to incorporate a scratch-and-win bonus that targets new customers. Having them scratch off a gaming card section would be the perfect way to get newcomers into your casino to redeem their prize.

Are you having a hard time deciding what type of creatives to use for your business? That’s one of the most amazing parts of doing business with Triadex. We are with you from start to finish, helping you with ideas and other important dynamics regarding your direct-mail campaign.

We have designers standing by to assist you with creative options for your laminate mailers. Additionally, we can help you with certain promotional elements as well. We have plenty of insight and mailing list advice regarding what targeting and promotional techniques work the best.

Just in case you still aren’t quite convinced…

Reasons to Choose Triadex for Your Plastic Postcard Campaign

  • Laminated mailers save postage money. When you compare them to traditional types of direct-mail campaigns, plastic postcards can save you a substantial amount of money on postage and packaging. They are more lightweight than sending huge envelopes full of standard paper on which coupons and other offers would be printed. In some cases, there’s no need for an envelope at all. Because of our ability to print postage labels and barcodes directly onto laminated mailers, it’s possible to skip the envelope.
  • Focused offers to targeted demographics. Marketing is much more sophisticated than it was three or four decades ago. Because of our ability to incorporate massive amounts of data, we can split-test and conduct other trials to find out what campaigns work best, all the way down to font styles. Let’s face it, what speaks to a 60+ age group won’t speak to an aged 20-30 age group. We can laser-target your campaigns and use different graphic options to cater to different demographics.
  • Lower cost-per-piece. Higher ROI. When you choose plastic postcards for your direct-mail campaign, your cost-per-lead acquisition is lower while your ROI is higher. When you compare them to alternative forms of marketing, the cost-per-piece of laminated postcards are available for a fraction of what other campaigns can cost.

Are You Ready to Supercharge Your Direct-Mail Campaign?

When you’re ready to pull the trigger on a plastic card mailer for your direct-mail campaign, getting started is easy. All you need to do is contact Triadex to request a quote. We would be more than happy to provide you with a quote via telephone or e-mail.

If you’re not quite ready for an exact quote and need more specific information regarding the process, that’s fine too! You can call us, and a representative will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you have. We can steer you in the right direction regarding creatives, promotions, and other specific elements of your laminated postcard direct-mail campaign.

We have over two decades of experience in the direct mail industry and are more than happy to help with your direct-mail success. Find out why Triadex is the partner you need to succeed in direct mail.

“I’m ready to get started on a campaign with laminated mailers. How do I begin?”

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