Designing Direct Mail for Greater Audience Engagement
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Designing Direct Mail for Greater Audience Engagement


When designing direct mail pieces, your primary goal is to engage your audience immediately. So, how do you know if you are designing direct mail in an engaging way? Consider the following:

What is Your Goal?

Are you trying to sell more products or receive more phone calls? Establishing this will assist you in determining your target audience.

Who is Your Primary Audience for this Design?

At Triadex Services, when designing direct mail, we use our years of data research and experience to develop custom pieces that are specific to the wants and needs of your potential customers.

Before any direct mail piece is sent Triadex takes the time to create a target audience for you.

Is the Message Clear to the Entire Audience You are Targeting?

By selecting a target audience, you are able to pick one main message for your promotion.  The idea is to revolve your message around one key idea that is easy to grasp quickly and be relevant.

However, what may be clear to you might not be obvious to your audience. Establishing message clarity is much easier if you’ve identified who your target audience is.

For the best results when designing direct mail, you want to be clear and concise. You have just a few seconds to reach your audience.  Those seconds mean the difference between them removing a pop-off card to put in their wallet for later or tossing you mailer into the trash.

Triadex Direct Mail Products

The unique look of our direct mail products often produces conversion rates 4 – 10 times the industry average! Available products include: