Using Direct Mail Marketing in Real Estate
Direct Mail Marketing

Using Direct Mail Marketing in Real Estate


It is almost springtime in 2021. Things are settling into the newest version of normal Covid has provided and we are slowly getting back to business as usual.

What has also become a newer normal is how far marketing has come in the past 5, 10, and even 15 years. Now, more than ever, the digital age has provided more options and platforms to market a product.  

Some popular forms include:

With the digital age, technology seems to reign, but don’t discount the effect that more established options can still have in your marketing plan.

Taking Advantage of Direct Mail in Real Estate Marketing

When it comes to real estate, one of the most important aspects of successful selling is getting the right audience looking at it.

How do you get your properties in front of the right audience? Real Estate direct mail marketing.  

Using direct mail to reach the right audience is a tried-and-true way to connect with your target audience on a personal level.

Benefits of Including Direct Mail in Your Real Estate Marketing Plan


It starts with the target audience. You have total control over who receives your direct mail piece by narrowing down the mailing list to exactly the right demographic for the property.


Direct mail stands out, not just because it comes in various shapes and sizes but because it allows your customer to physically hold your piece in their hands.


What could be better than making your customer feel human? In an era where marketing is everywhere, find a way to make each customer feel like just that, an individual. Studies by Small Business Trends, have proven that nearly 70% of Americans feel mail is more personal than the internet.


As with many new trends, some buyers still have trust issues with digital display advertising. The postal system has been around for hundreds of years and has been a source of positive messaging for that long. Additionally, direct mail doesn’t have the same safety concerns as internet marketing. There is no concern about downloading viruses or having identity stolen with this form of marketing.


When done right, direct mail is trackable. Being able to track your results lets you know just how successful your campaign has been. This helps determine what works and what doesn’t, so that future marketing funds can be allocated in the right place.  

Easily Processed

Since direct mail is more focused, with less distraction, consumers use less brainpower to comprehend the message on the piece. Direct mail tends to be visually processed at a higher speed than digital marketing. 

Better yet, a study by Canada Post stated that consumer recall is 70% high when exposed to direct mail vs digital ads. 

Less Competition

Direct mail has become less common now that digital marketing is so popular. Over the past few years, there has been a decrease in the volume of marketing mail.

High ROIs

It may go without saying, but with response rates being high, so is the return on investment.  Marketing Charts compiled data showing online display ads’ average ROI was 16%, paid search ads were 23%, and direct mail topped out at 29%!

Preferred by Consumers

Data shows that people prefer direct mail advertising over other channels of marketing. The tangibility and readability of direct mail make it an ideal preference over email and digital advertising. People still have a strong preference for reading on paper and the physical properties of direct mail versus reading on screens. Everyone likes getting mail that isn’t just bills! 

USPS reveals stats that over 50% of people say receiving mail is a “real pleasure” and that they even look forward to discovering the mail they do receive.  

Direct Mail Continues to Get the Job Done

As the world evolves and changes, so will the marketing environment, but some things will always remain to be true. The next time you plan to market your listings, consider including real estate direct mail marketing to reach the target market you intend. The results will speak for themselves.

direct mail is not dead