Mobile Impressions: An Important Part of Marketing Strategy and Brand Recognition
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Mobile Impressions: An Important Part of Marketing Strategy and Brand Recognition


When you hear the word “impression” your first thought probably veers more toward the social definition. Something along the lines of an opinion, idea, or feeling about someone or something but with little or no evidence.


When it comes to marketing, advertising impressions are essential when an advertisement has been viewed by a person. In the analog world, impressions are acquired when a person experiences some form of an ad, from watching a TV commercial to driving by a billboard on the highway.  

Why Impressions Are Important

Impressions are important primarily because they indicate a basic representation of the number of people that see advertising from a particular location. Advertising publishers who sell advertising space typically offer businesses some guarantee of audience base who will be seeing the ads.


The problem with more traditional advertising and the impressions they receive is there isn’t a way to track them.


In other words, the owner of a billboard ad has no real-time way of knowing how successful that billboard has been at gaining more leads. They could take the extra time to ask each customer how they were led to the business, but surveys like those are time-consuming and not always the most accurate.

Mobile Impressions in Digital Marketing

Digital impressions occur every time a user opens a website or any app that includes ads somewhere on the screen. You know all those advertisements in free game apps? Every time you see one, the ad has successfully made an “impression.” 

And, not just any impression, it has made one that can be tracked.


Digital marketing on mobile devices has opened up a new and easy resource for impression tracking of an online marketing campaign. This tracking capability gives a business the ability to see what parts of a campaign are working well and what parts need some adjustment. And, the data can be reviewed almost in real-time.


Additionally, being able to calculate the number of impressions an online marketing campaign generates is an easy way to determine just how far an advertising channel is reaching. Once you know exactly how many impressions an ad can generate a specific location, you can determine other data as well.


For example, Click-Through Rates (CTR). CTR’s are a great way to calculate how successful an ad has been performing. To accurately measure it, you need first need accurate impression data.

Why Mobile Impressions are Important in Marketing Strategy and Brand Recognition

The simplest reason mobile impressions are important to mobile advertisers is that the method of buying ad space is achieved by the number of impressions an ad generates. To translate that, you only pay when the ad is seen.

Instead of paying for a time slot or a number of days, you pay each time the ad is placed in front of someone’s eyes via a banner ad on a webpage or free app.

Generally, mobile impressions are sold by the cost-per-thousand (CPM) impressions. For example, if you want to advertise on someone’s app, and you purchase one-thousand impressions, your ad will show up 1000 times on that app, and you will know it’s been seen at least 1000 times by that app’s audience.

You can’t get that info from a billboard off the highway, can you?

Mobile impressions also help increase brand recognition. If you have spent any amount of time on your smartphone playing the free version of a game app, or surfed the net and landed on someone’s blog, you will have seen the advertising placed there.

Even if you haven’t been paying close attention to these ads initially, eventually you will begin to recognize repeat branding. More often than not, people who start to recognize a new brand in multiple locations are more likely to get curious and click through.

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