The Benefits of Direct Mail Retargeting
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The Benefits of Direct Mail Retargeting


With the number of digital ads popping up left and right on the average person’s internet browser, consumers are much more likely to actively tune them out without even realizing it. This has made digital marketing quite an expensive and intense competition to catch the attention of new leads.

Even with digital remarketing, the tracking of internet activity, and displaying advertisements based on web history, digital marketing has become a struggle to reach potential prospects. So, it’s only logical to ask yourself, “Is there a more cost-effective and beneficial way of marketing?” That’s where direct mail retargeting comes into play.

Landing that right deal not only takes time, but it takes attention, motivation, and most of all persistence. One of the benefits of direct mail retargeting is that it provides you with the opportunity to follow up fast, easily, and effectively. There are many factors that come into play on landing that deal and timing in real estate is everything. Do not give up on your marketing tactics!

Why Direct Mail Retargeting?

Some may say that direct mailers are a thing of the past, but since almost all marketers are pouring their budgets into digital advertising, it has become substantially easier to stand out against competitors through direct mail. When the retargeting aspect is added to traditional direct mailers, you are sure to rise above your competitors.

Industry results have shown that direct mail retargeting can yield 8x more response rates than digital remarketing. If that doesn’t get your attention, then there are numerous other benefits to at least trying out this remarketing method.

Stand Out Among Competitors!

Are you looking for a way to really stand out among competitors? Personalized mail is one way to achieve this. Receiving mail with your name on it at least always catches your eye.

The Data and Marketing Association has found that consumers are 3x more likely to respond to customized mail when compared to traditional mail. And receiving personalized mail related to something you have searched for lately, whether it’s a local pizza restaurant or a new gym, is sure to stick with you or remind you of it.


Compared to digital marketing, another benefit of direct mail retargeting is that it has a much more extensive shelf life. If you don’t act immediately on a digital ad, then it usually disappears and is replaced by another at the speed of light.

Here’s another advantage of direct mailers: Say you’re looking into new pizza places that opened in your neighborhood. You get distracted, log off, and forget about it completely. Then a couple of days later, you check your mail and there’s a card for 25% off a pizza place right down the road. It piques your interest, but you’ve made dinner that night already.

Next Friday night, you’re tired from the workweek and could really go for pizza. It’s only logical to go to the place down the road that you already have 25% off at!

You’ve Got Mail

Now let’s talk about mailing lists. Direct mail retargeting is a great way to add to your targeted mailing lists as you know they’re at least interested in what you’re selling. Add those contacts to your monthly mailing campaign and you are bound to see results. What better way is there to find new prospects than to reach out to those that have already found you?