Being a Marketing Director in 2020 is Easier than Ever – Part 2
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Being a Marketing Director in 2020 is Easier than Ever – Part 2


In our previous post, we began talking about the many channels that have made being a marketing director in 2020 easier than ever.

Compared to just 10 years ago marketing options have become vastly more powerful, diverse, and easily accessible. Additionally, just fifteen years ago, a typical consumer only had TWO touchpoints when purchasing an item. Today, consumers average approximately SIX touchpoints and almost 50% regularly use more than four.

This is due to the utilization of the various Omni-Channel marketing tools for 2020 available right now.


Geofencing technology gives companies the ability to set invisible parameters around a building or area. With 2020 marketing, Retail and Service Industries alike are now able to display ads to consumers who enter a specific location of their choosing with geofencing. Plus, geofencing is compatible with about 47% of mobile phones by using their GPS. No extra apps are required for it to work.

Example: A smart strategy for “casual dining” restaurants to execute is to geofence the areas of nearby competitors and target cell phones that stay at those locations for a period of time.  You save money by targeting those mobile devices of users who are out in public and purchasing items in your service category.  The users of these devices are primed to receive your offer and you can easily track success rates by geofencing your own location to confirm your advertising was effective.

Look Back

Taking this concept one step further, Look Back is a remarkable channel that allows you to go back in time and target mobile devices that have visited not only your location(s) but your competitors’ as well. With this 2020 marketing tool, you can go as far back as 12 months and  have a target-rich list of mobile devices to fill and run a monthly ad campaign.  By collecting the info of past visitors, you are able to access a “premade” customer list where no forms are required.

Connected TV

The shift is real:  More cable TV viewers are cutting the cord and moving to online streaming platforms. With Connected TV 2020 marketing, you can target this audience as part of a multi-pronged marketing approach.  Even better, you can target and track the effectiveness of these ads beyond what you can do with traditional TV advertising.  For example, target users of specific devices and then monitor to see if they visited your website or visited your location.

Combine the advertising with other direct mail and digital efforts and you can have a fully integrated marketing campaign!

Direct Mail Retargeting

Direct Mail Retargeting gathers key data from each visitor to your website. Then, the data is used to provide automated direct mail that will be printed and mailed within 48 hours! When a visitor lands on your website and accepts the pop-up box “Allow Access to Location” option, their EXACT address can be determined 20% of the time. This allows you to send personalized direct mail piece with a Special Offer, often as soon as the next day.

The process allows you to follow up with a potential customer while the lead is “still warm” and help, nudge them towards the final purchase.

Direct Mail Marketing

Sales and service providers have a long history of achieving up to double-digit redemption rates and revenue growth with Direct Mail.

Now, thanks to the digital age, it can be used in many more ways. Remember that “premade” customer list from the Look Back programs? How about all those e-club addressees that have stopped responding or even unsubscribed.

Reach out to them through a different channel with Reverse Append!

Reverse append can accurately match roughly 60-70% of email addresses to the owner’s physical address, creating a customized mailing list for your next direct mail campaign. This allows you the opportunity to keep your brand, offers, or new items released in front of them.

The “Triadex Trifecta”

At Triadex Services, we have spent years researching and developing our Omni-Channel Marketing Programs to assist a Marketing Director in 2020 like you.  Our goals include achieving the best possible results from your campaigns and advertising budget

Our “Triadex Trifecta” program lets you easily send – Direct Mail, Digital Ads, and Connected TV Commercials – to a very focused customer segment likely to be receptive to your brand.

Get your message in front of consumers through multiple touchpoints at a fraction of the cost.  Drive consumer behavior through measurable activities and track results in real-time on your very own customized dashboard.

Yes, being a Marketing Director in 2020 has been challenging in many ways, and it is not certainly business as usual. However, never before in history have marketers been more fully equipped with precise tools like the marketing tools for 2020 now available to promote their brands through these difficult times and come out of this situation stronger than ever.