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Plastic Postcards are Superior to Traditional Direct Mail Products.

As budgets are stretched, Marketers use the lowest cost-per-lead and highest ROI solutions to gain new customers and market shares. Our direct mail products and solutions let you track your results in real time.  So, you are seeing the actual impact your marketing dollars are having on sales and profits!

Plastic Mailers and Products

Want something truly eye-catching?  We have a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and thicknesses among our plastic postcards and other plastic products to meet virtually any requirement and budget.  Choose from:

See our product pages for more information or contact us today. One of our mailing specialists can easily guide you through the options available.

Plastic postcard and pop-out postcard mailers

Triadex Cares

At Triadex Services, we take pride in making environmental sound choices.  Are you are looking for an alternative to traditional plastic? PPG Industries, Inc’s Teslin substrate is an option to consider.

This product maintains our product’s durability, image, and effectiveness while being a more environmentally friendly choice.

Production complies with environmental compliance regulations as well as corporate guidelines to minimize waste. These non-toxic postcards qualify as:

  • Forest and Ozone friendly
  • Recyclable
  • Safe for Disposal

More info on Teslin substrate at Triadex Cares.

Tri-Fold Mailers and Other Direct Mail Products


Triadex Services’ Trifold brochure is a new product that offers more “real estate” while still standing out. You’ll easily be able to display all your images, products, services, and special messages.

The extra room will show customers the many ways your company stands out above your competitors.

Paper Postcards

Paper Postcards are a low-cost way to bring attention to your business. Sixty-six percent (66%) of recipients are more likely to become a redeemer if they have a physical reminder.

The Triadex paper products are also available with pop-off cards. Thus, providing the same “wallet sized billboard” that our plastic postcards do, but at a more budget friendly cost.

For more information about using these options with our Mailing Services contact us today.

custom tri-fold mailers

Data Mining and Tracking Services

Triadex Services brings over fifteen years of experience supplying targeted contact data and list management services. Our expertise and industry knowledge make us an integral part of building successful marketing campaigns. Whether you are trying to engage new customers, build brand awareness, or reward your loyal shoppers we are here to make sure you have the data you need. For more information about these services please refer to our Data Mining and Tracking Services page or contact us today!

Mailing List Solutions for Every Situation

With Triadex Services, you can tailor your mailings to pinpoint a specific demographic or cast the widest net possible. Choose from a Targeted or Saturated mailing list, provide your own list, or take advantage of the USPS’s EDDM program (Every Door Direct Mail).

And, now with our interactive mailing list tool, you can take a look at your targeted demographics to help you plan your next promotion. Give it a try at Mailing List Search.

Triadex Services mailing list services

What Will Your Mailing List Look Like?

Plan ahead by seeing how many residents and businesses are available in your area right now with our new interactive Mailing List Search.