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Triadex Services Products and Solutions are Superior to Traditional Direct Mail Products

As budgets are stretched, Marketers use the lowest cost-per-lead and highest ROI solutions available.  Our many products and solutions let you run your business even more efficiently. This process helps gain new customers and market shares.  Plus, our data and redemption tracking lets you follow your results in real time.

With Triadex, you will see the actual impact your marketing dollars are having on sales and profits!

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products and solutions

Direct Mail Postcards

Want something truly eye-catching?  Our paper and plastic products include a variety of sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. Choose from:

See our product pages for more information on our products and solutions. Additionally, check out our specialized marketing programs by industry.

products and solutions

Custom Die-Cut Postcards

Custom Die Cut Postcards are versatile and can be used as promotional mailers, coupon mailers, gift cards, and more. Now, Triadex Services offers over 30 different custom shapes.

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Gift Card Printing

Are you are looking to promote new your products, services, or both? Sales and service providers alike come to Triadex Services for our gift card printing.

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Plastic Key Tags

Plastic Key Tags are a great solution for membership, fulfillment and loyalty programs. Furthermore, they can also be used as discount cards, access cards, and preferred customer cards.

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Restaurant tri-fold mailer with tear-out

Tri-Fold Mailers

Triadex Services’ Tri-fold mailers are a commanding piece that stands out in the mail. Additionally, tri-fold mailers offer much more “real estate” than other direct mail pieces.

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Paper Postcards and Other Products

Paper Postcards and other products like menus and envelope mailers are a low-cost and effective way to bring attention to your business. And, unlike other paper services, Triadex paper products offer pop-off cards.  So, just like our plastic versions, our paper postcards provide the same wallet sized billboard.

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Fast Pass Direct Mail Campaigns

Get your special offer into the hands of customers before your competition. Triadex offers RUSH printing for our direct mail postcards. With our Fast Pass program, we can print up to 400k pieces within 48 hours in most cases.  

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Digital Marketing Ads

Continue Your Campaign’s Momentum by advertising on up to 10,000 different apps and websites.

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Geofencing Marketing

Imagine having the ability to display ads specifically to consumers who visited your competitor in the past week.

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Direct Mail Retargeting

The problem? Specifically, years of aggressive online remarketing programs.

The solution?  Direct Mail Retargeting uses data to send real-time targeted direct mail to your customer.

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products and services

Printing Services

Sales and Service providers alike come to Triadex Services for our proven printing services.  Consequently, Triadex has helped retailers, restaurants, and service providers just like yours keep day-to-day tasking running smoothly.

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Data Mining and Tracking Services

Are you trying to engage new customers? Build brand awareness? Reward your loyal shoppers?  No matter what your goal is, we are here to make sure you have the data you need.

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products and solutions

Mailing List Solutions for Every Situation

With Triadex Services, you can tailor your mailings.  You can either pinpoint a specific demographic or cast the widest net possible. Choose either a Targeted or a Saturated mailing list.  Or, provide your own list.  You can even take advantage of the USPS’s EDDM program (Every Door Direct Mail).

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What Will Your Mailing List Look Like?

Plan ahead by seeing how many residents and businesses are available in your area right now.  To begin with, check out our new interactive Mailing List Search.

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