What it Means to Nth a Mailing List
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What it Means to Nth a Mailing List

In the direct mail business, “Nth” is a common term you may have heard. So, what does it mean?  Nth means to decrease the number of addresses in a mailing list. For example, let’s say there are 7,567 addresses within five miles of your store. However, you only have a budget for 5,000 pieces. Nthing allows you to reduce the list to your desired quantity. The exciting part is that you get to choose the criteria that determine which houses are removed.

Many businesses Nth based on distance. It makes sense. The closer to your location the more likely a household will visit your store. Yet there are other circumstances when a business might choose to remove a specific neighborhood instead. You can also Nth based on zip codes and carrier routes, birthdays, gender, marital status, if they are pet owners, and many more.

You also have the option to Nth by postage qualification. There are four different postage qualifications: Saturation, High-Density Plus, High Density, and Basic. Each category has a different postage rate. With Saturation, the USPS is delivering your piece to 75% or more of a carrier route. Since this saves them time, you get a lower postage rate.

When you Nth by postage qualification, carrier routes are removed based on their rate.  This is a great option when you’re working with a tight budget. On the other hand, it’s possible your redemption rates could suffer if you’re choosing households that are farther away from your location.

Luckily, an experienced direct mail company such as Triadex can present you with all your options and make recommendations based on their decades of experience.

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