Direct Mail Advertising is Still Alive and Thriving
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Direct Mail Advertising is Still Alive and Thriving

Often, when skimming through your mailbox it seems to only contain bills and credit card companies boasting your preapproval. However, direct mail lives, and occasionally, we come across a piece of mail that captivates our attention as consumers. These pieces of mail are the ones that are worth keeping.

With all the different forms of advertising that are used in today’s world, it may come as a surprise that direct mail is still alive and thriving! When direct mail advertising is used alongside online marketing it enhances the effectiveness of your campaign. Direct mail lives not only with the ability to intrigue customers, but it puts a physical representation of your company directly into potential customers hands. These printed campaigns are sure to stay in the minds of potential customers for some time after they initially view your marketing piece.

Households that receive printed marketing campaigns are found to be twice as likely to make an online purchase after receiving a printed piece. Print campaigns add another level of personalization that are intriguing to a customer. A study conducted by IProspect determined that shoppers who receive a direct mail piece pointing them to an online site spend an average of 13% more than those who did not receive a printed piece. A similar study by Exact Target found that 76% of internet users surveyed were directly influenced by a direct mail piece to purchase an item or service. Here lies proof that direct mail marketing pieces certainly can have an impact on consumers online buying behavior and can ultimately boost sales.

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