Franchise Marketing and the Benefits of Group Orders
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Franchise Marketing and the Benefits of Group Orders


Franchising is all about consistency – in service, branding, and marketing. Franchisers must create a profitable brand and business model that can be easily replicated.  Franchisees must help maintain brand reputation to preserve brand value.

With franchise group marketing Triadex Services can help you achieve all of that with our omnichannel marketing solutions.

Triadex has worked with many franchises to build a successful system. Our team immerses themselves in our client’s brand through research and communication with corporate about brand guidelines. We become an additional expert on corporate’s team to drive the brand, in THEIR view.

Once established, the next step in franchise group marketing is often the creation of an order form franchisees who wish to participate can fill out.  These order forms, with corporate-approved images, will offer the franchisees a marketing message that safely falls in-line with the company brand.

Along with corporate managed imagery, we also use our unique list searches to target the customers that corporate wants to see in their stores.  We can add specific demographics like age, household income, and if children are present in the home.

Achieving the Lowest Cost Possible

With most marketing, a larger total quantity results in a lower cost per piece. The primary goal of group orders is to provide the best possible ROI through the lowest price possible.

Tracking the Success of the Campaign

Triadex Services now offers a real-time tracking portal.  If bar codes are added to your mailing pieces, you will be able to see results and it will aid you in determining the direction of future campaigns and how to adjust demographics to target a better audience.  Test multiple or A/B campaigns at the same time to see what works best.

Putting all these items together will result in a solid brand image and useful results to make your marketing campaign the best it can be!