Customer Testimonials

We take pride in helping our clients succeed!  Whether your goal is to find new customers, increase sales in the next 30 days, or win back lost customers, Triadex Services will work with you to create a turnkey program of services that truly work.  Wondering how well our programs have worked for our clients?   For your convenience, we’ve put together several Triadex Customer Testimonials for you to review.

"As a veteran marketing leader for many different national restaurants and retail concepts, I have come to rely on a select core of reliable initiatives that not only produce ROI, they help garner share of voice. I can unequivocally say that of any direct mail pieces I work with, Triadex is the highest redemption and ROI." -Former Senior Marketing Manager of National Chains

"Sales were down 17% before Triadex. The Triadex Gift Card Mailer piece did so well they are still up 5% 3-4 months after the campaign!" -Restaurant Owner with 17 Locations

"I have stores up over last year almost 30% with this past drop and they are staying strong." -Restaurant Owner with 8 Locations

"We had the highest sales on record following our first card mailer. As a result, we continue to mail millions of Triadex Card Mailers annually." -Marketing Director, National Retailer

"I don’t want our competitors to know aboutTriadex, you guys are my secret weapon! Double-digit redemption rates are very hard to find in the direct mail industry." -Director of Marketing, Fast Casual Restaurant Chain

"I definitely would recommend other restaurant owners to try Triadex Gift Card Mailing Campaign. Not only is it quick and easy to set up but I saw an 18% redemption rate as well as a 24% increase in my customer count." -Restaurant Franchise Owner

"Simply put, this is the most successful direct mail program I have seen in 32 years." -President, National Mail Service

"Our redemption rates have increased 600%. I love the fact we can have it customized the way we want and you do all of the work." -Director, Mortgage Loan Company

"The Triadex Card Mailer increased our sales more than ANY other direct mail piece and they did everything for us turnkey. I would highly recommend their program to find new customers. It has more than paid for itself." -President, Golf Country Club

"We had only minimal success with postcards. We changed to your card mailers and we noticed a difference immediately in our redemption rates, and most importantly, our sales volume. We have mailed over half a million cards to date and more are scheduled. In short, this an excellent program." -Marketing Manager, Regional Mall

"Triadex saved us 22% over our previous provider and the service and quality are top-notch! I would definitely recommend them!" -President, Home Security Company

"We are very pleased. One of my managers is contemplating another Triadex gift card mailer in May to a more eastern part of the city. We saw an increase in sales at both of the restaurants that we targeted. January and February sales are both up over the year before!" -Owner of an Italian Restaurant Chain with 6 Locations

"I’ve sent the Triadex product to 27 of my stores so far, and we always see redemption rates around 15% – 25% on average, although we’ve seen up to a 39.5% redemption rate in some stores. We will continue to use Triadex to attract new customers within 3 miles of our stores." -Franchise Owner, National Restaurant Chain

"The gift cards have helped me increase sales and gain new customers. Maybe the best advertising I have ever done, period." -Franchise Owner, National Restaurant Chain

"We partnered with Triadex and mailed their gift cards to 13 of our stores. We saw redemption rates as high as 25% in some stores, and averaged about 15% throughout all locations." -Franchise Owner, National Restaurant Chain

"The majority of the guests who have used the card are either first-timers or folks who have not visited us in quite some time and just kind of forgot about us. These card mailers will be in our marketing budget for many of our other locations during 2013." -VP of Operations – Regional Restaurant Chain

"I would highly recommend Triadex Gift Card Mailers. I’ve run 2 campaigns with them over the past year and achieved the highest redemption rates I’ve ever seen from direct mail." -Franchise Owner, National Restaurant Chain