Gift Cards

Plastic gift cards and loyalty cards are a great way to reward your current customers or attract new customers. Triadex Services can help you do both.

Gift Cards

Triadex Services plastic gift cards are superior to traditional direct mail.

More than ever, marketing pros work to employ the lowest Cost-Per-Lead and highest Return-On-Investment (ROI). Our direct mail products and turnkey solutions allow you to track your results in real time.  Watch the impact your marketing dollars are having on sales and profits as it happens!

Benefits of Triadex Gift Card Mailers
  • Surprise and Delight – Give your customers the pleasure of receiving an unexpected gift.
  • “Free Money” – People perceive gift cards as receiving free money or products.
  • Portability – Our plastic pop-off gift cards can be put into a wallet or purse for easy redemption.
  • Tracking – Each gift card can be printed with unique ID numbers, barcodes, or magnetic strips. Then, they can be tracked to capture demographic information that can help plan future campaigns.
  • Personalization – A gift card with your customer’s name on it will capture their attention.
  • High Redemption Rates – Our clients have seen redemption rates up to 71%!
High Redemption Rates = Lower Cost Per Lead.


Finally, gift cards are a great way to encourage new customers to come in and old customers to come back.

Data-Mining Through Plastic Gift Cards

Triadex Services magnetic strip data mining lets you track your redemptions.

When using a card reader, your point of sale system (POS) will recognize the card’s unique serial number. Your POS system will add your offer to the purchase. Additionally, you’ll be able to store information about the customer including their age, income, and gender.

Once collected, you’ll be able to use the data to determine the best way to build your next campaign.

According to First Data Research, “Three out of four consumers are interested in purchasing or testing a product based on receiving an incentive card in the mail.”

Gift Card Features
  • High-quality digital process
  • Up to 30 mil thick composite card
  • Other thicknesses available
  • On-line barcoding and imaging
  • Variety of laminates
  • Quick turn times
  • No minimum quantities
  • UV coated
  • Standard CR-80 size
  • 300, 600 and 2750 OE mag stripe
  • Magnetic Strip Tracking

gift card

gift cards

One Order = One Tree Planted

At Triadex, we understand the growing concern about protecting the environment. This is why we provide environmentally-friendly options for your gift card mailers.

And, guess what?  One tree can offset the carbon impact of a direct mail campaign in less than 5 years. This according to an environmental impact study done at the University of South Florida.

Consequently, we plant a tree in a national forest with every single order!