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mailing services

Mailing Services that Stand Above the Rest

Triadex’s mailing services blend data mining with proven industry experience.

Our Postcard Printing Services work with our Data Mining services. As a result, you get a fast and more accurate detailing of who your best customers are. With this system, your marketing dollars are put to good use and work even harder.

Triadex Services offers a variety of direct mail marketing products:

  • Plastic Postcards
  • Die-Cut Postcards
  • Gift Cards
  • Trifolds Mailers
  • Paper Postcards
  • Coupon Books
  • And More…

Your One Stop Shop for Mailing Services

Triadex will design multiple offers on a single card mailer.  Then, we’ll track each from start to finish. Additionally, Triadex can set-up and manage complete A/B testing campaigns.

After reviewing your redemption data, Triadex will advise on the best way to modify your next campaign.  The more data, the better future mailings will be.

Looking for something more simple and economical?  Find out why you should use Triadex Services for EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail).

Just need to rent a mailing list for now?  Our Mailing List Services will build the best list for your needs.

Then, you’ll be able to focus more on what you do best…running your business.

While pricing is dependent on several variables including

  • Volume
  • Mailer Size
  • Thickness
  • Artwork Design
  • Number of Art Versions
  • Mailing List Demographics
  • Postage
  • Data Tracking Requirements

our Direct Mail Postcards typically outperform traditional direct mail. Please contact us for a custom quote.

Use QR Codes to Give Customers Instant Information

This according to an article on

Analysts determine that nearly three quarters of the world will ONLY USE SMARTPHONES to access the internet by 2025.

The best way to take advantage of this growing trend? Include a QR Code on your postcard design.  QR codes not only let you easily point your customers to your online presence, but also get them there in the time it takes to snap a photo.

Customers won’t have a chance to forget about your product or service just because there wasn’t a computer available. Therefore, adding a QR Code to your postcard marketing is easy and well worth the investment.

How it Works

First, a QR code is scanned with a mobile phone.  Second, a URL is automatically opened using its browser. Including QR Codes on your postcard marketing can allow your customers to do any of the following:

  • Find coupons
  • Visit websites
  • Dial telephone numbers
  • Find contact information
  • See text and images
  • Send emails and messages

Features & Benefits

  • Increase sales and brand recognition by bridging the gap between your online and offline marketing media.
  • Enhance your SEO and social media optimization by increasing traffic to your website.
  • Create a community of customers by including a link to your social network pages.
  • Include an automatic CTA by linking your QR code to a contact us page or promotion code.
  • Measure the success of your postcard marketing efforts based on clicks and leads.

Ultimately QR Codes are proving to be successful across many industries, especially when added to a postcard marketing campaign.

Add Some Fun and Mystery to Your Direct Mail Marketing

Intensify your direct mail to make it stand out even more!

In particular, Triadex can add a scratch off to any mail piece. This combined with our direct mail marketing solutions will help increase your ROI.

Our postcard marketing scratch offs are very adaptable

Popular uses for scratch-offs:

  • Percentage Discounts
  • $$ OFF Discounts
  • BOGO Free offers
  • Specialty Codes to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Print Different Offers on Each Card

Add some mystery and keep the customers guessing! For example, set up a campaign with:

  • 70% of the cards = 10% Off
  • 20% of the cards = 20% Off
  • 10% of the cards = 30% Off

In fact, you can keep them in even great suspense by requiring that the scratch off only be done by the manager at the time of their visit.

You decide what percentage of the postcards receives which offer for even more targeted messaging.

Features & Benefits

  • Helps your direct mail piece stand out.
  • Can be tailored to let you to choose the marketing vehicle, placement, and offer.
  • Variable print based on the quantity you want per offer.
  • Automatic call to action via special codes that customers must enter on your website.
  • Enhances your SEO and social media optimization by increasing traffic to your website.
  • Increases traffic to your store by requiring a manager present when the card is scratched.

At Triadex, we have extensive industry knowledge that allows us to help you choose the right postcard marketing offer. All in a fraction of the time.

Want to get the most out of your postcard marketing campaign?

Track N Trace assists you in having staff and resources in place to offer the best service possible.  This allows you to turn first-time customers into regular customers!

Providing top-notch customer experiences the first time around helps ensure new customers will return again.

Track N Trace lets you monitor your postcards through every step of the delivery process. Knowing when your postcards will reach your customers allows you to prepare for increases in foot traffic.  Our innovative postcard marketing allows your customers will see the value in paying full price for your product or service at a later date.

How it Works

Each individual postcard in your campaign is given a unique identification number.  This ID# is stored in the barcode on the address label. As your mailers move from one postal facility to the next, the IDs are scanned and saved.

You will be given a Track N Trace login that lets you export data for all or just specific card mailers. You can also have that data sent to an email address where it can then be exported into a database for further analysis. Track N Trace gives you all the information you need to track your postcard marketing campaign.

Features & Benefits

  • Full visibility of your mail in the USPS® Mailstream allows you to prepare for an increase in foot traffic.
  • Delivery predictability allows you to have the staff and resources in place to turn those first-time customers into regular customers.
  • Increase your ROI by training your staff to upsell extra products or services.
  • Performance reports allow you to plan future campaigns for optimal results.
  • Data exports allow you to easily share and download data to a database for further analysis.
  • Postal accountability allows you to keep tabs on postal performance.

Track N Trace gives you all the information you need to track your postcard marketing campaign.

Triadex provides Data Mining services to businesses of all sizes!

At Triadex Services, we provide on-demand Data Mining Services throughout each phase of your marketing campaigns. From initial list selection and data collection to targeted recommendations for achieving your quarterly and annual growth goals. According to a recent Small Business Marketing Survey released by Pitney Bowes, 80% of small business marketers do NOT measure direct mail.  Additionally, 73% do not measure email!

We track the tens of millions of direct mail pieces we mail each year. And, through our proprietary process we compile hard data.  This results in our ability to make informed decisions about every single step of your direct mail campaign.

To illustrate, let us share just a few of our best practices with you.

Barcode Tracking

By adding a unique barcode to each individual direct mail piece we are able to measure your direct mail efforts.  Similarly we can provide you with additional data mining and measurement for use in your future direct mail campaigns.

Look-Alike Reports

Look-Alike data mining reports analyze your customer list and overlays the data with:

  • Demographic
  • Income
  • Life Event
  • and more…

This aids in determining the key characteristics of your current customers. Once determined, we provide you with a list of potential new customers that “look like” your most successful customer lists.

Triadex Tracking

With Triadex Tracking , you can save money and increase your sales. How? Add a unique barcode to each individual card mailer.  This allows you to not only measure your direct mail efforts in real time, but also provides you with key data mining and metrics.  All of this can then be used in your future direct mail campaigns.


MailBest is a regression analysis that analyzes a sample of your customer list. First, it uses over 1,100 demographic elements to create hundreds of thousands of combinations.  Second, these combos are applied to your customers, allowing you to find out which combinations are the most common among your list. Finally, we create a personalized data mining report that identifies YOUR top prospects within the desired area.

Post-Campaign Performance Summaries

Triadex will provide a post campaign summary report you can use to plan future marketing.

The charts and graphs help demonstrate the performance and redemption rates from your campaign. Depending on your initial mailing list, we’ll be able to show you:

  • The percentage of customers redeemed by location.
  • What percentage of fell within specific Age Ranges.
  • What percentage fell within specific Income Ranges.
  • How multiple promotions within a single campaign compared to each other.
  • Map of customers locations who redeemed a promo.

Additionally, Triadex can send you a list of the available customer names, addresses, and available demographics of those who redeemed your cards.