Restaurant Drives Sales by Targeting Local Businesses
Case Studies

Restaurant Drives Sales by Targeting Local Businesses

CHALLENGE: A fast-casual restaurant chain with over 50 locations wanted to drive lunch sales and catering orders.

SOLUTION: This was their 3rd Triadex Card Mailers campaign. The previous two mailings targeted only consumers. This time they targeted businesses with 1-25 employees. Using our 2-detachable card template, they mailed 8,000 mailers with 30 mil thickness. The first card offered buy one get one free sandwich. The second card offered a free $5 gift card.


  • The mailing achieved a 6.77% redemption rate!
  • They were extremely pleased with the results.
  • They see many new faces from local businesses at lunch who will now return and pay full price over and over throughout the year in 2016.
  • They plan to scale the Business Mailing Program to their other stores.