ROI Calculator for Your Direct Mail Advertising Campaign

return on investment

Curious to know what your campaign’s potential Return on Investment (ROI) might be?

We would be too!  That’s why we’ve supplied this handy ROI Calculator.  Just plug in a few different scenarios to see what might work for you.

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For Nearly 20 Years Triadex Services has actively managed thousands of successful direct mail advertising programs for our valued clients.

Now that you’ve had a chance to play with our ROI Calculator, let us do the same for you!

We know how to create, launch, and measure high-impact direct mail programs designed to grow your sales.

Plastic Postcard Mailers, Gift Card Mailers, & More to Make Your Promo Pop

Get your prospect’s attention so they act on your offer. Make your promotion stand above the rest of the mail that simply fills a mailbox. Our plastic card mailers, also known as “pop-out gift cards” or “pop-out plastic postcards,” accomplishes that goal. At Triadex Services, we offer Plastic Direct Mail Advertising Products and Data-Driven Digital Marketing Solutions.

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