Direct Mail Remarketing in Atlanta

atlanta direct mail remarketing

You want your business to have as many customers as possible. You put in the time and effort to market to your target audience, but you often find that some people still aren’t buying for one reason or another. It often takes several times of seeing your brand and learning about your company before someone buys from you. Using direct mail services in Atlanta can help to add to your marketing efforts. You’ll find that using direct mail for initial contact, as well as for remarketing, can be highly effective.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a way that you can connect with people or businesses that have previously interacted with your company in some way. In some cases, they might be customers or clients who have not worked with you recently. Other times, they may simply be someone who has expressed interest in working with you, but who hasn’t made a purchase yet.

Remarketing is a strategic method that will let you get your name back in front of these people. While digital marketing and remarketing are popular, there’s also the option of direct mail remarketing. You’ll find that direct mail services have the potential to be more effective.

This is because, over the years, many people have learned how to tune out digital ads, whether they see them on a website or they receive an email. This isn’t to say that they shouldn’t still be part of a marketing campaign. However, it means that you need to think about other efforts that can help get more customers. Direct mail remarketing in Atlanta is a good option.

Research has shown that digital mail remarketing can work up to 8x better than digital retargeting ads. If you want the biggest effect, you’ll certainly want to consider using direct mail remarketing.

How It Works

Let’s look at how direct mail retargeting in Atlanta would work. If someone goes to your website and allows the popup box to allow access to their location, we can determine the address of the visitor, which is accurate 20% of the time.

Then, a personalized direct mail piece with a special offer can be printed and sent to the customer. The piece of mail is then in the hands of the consumer that landed on your site. They see your name and branding again, and it triggers their memory of visiting your site. They may then decide to go back to your site or directly to your business to take advantage of that special offer.

atlanta direct mail remarketing

It’s easy to see the benefits that this can offer. You’ll find that using these types of direct mail services in Atlanta provides a personal touch for the visitor. When you include an appealing offer, they are more likely to buy. Because the piece of direct mail can be at their door in days, it also means that they’re likely to remember visiting your site. This fast turnaround means that they are probably still interested in buying from you or using your service.

Put It to Work for You

Would you like to use direct mail remarketing in Atlanta to help boost your business? If you’re interested, you can learn more about your options through Triadex Services. We can provide you with direct mail services in Atlanta and beyond depending on the size and scope of your business.

You’ll find that we have more than just remarketing services to provide, as well. There are many direct mail marketing services, as well as digital marketing services and data services that might appeal to you. Get in touch and learn more about the options that are available to your business.

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