Tri-Fold Mailers

Triadex Services’ Tri-fold mailers are a commanding new piece that stands out in the mail.

Beltone Tri-card mailer

Offering much more “real estate” than other direct mail pieces, you can easily display all of your images, products, services, and special messages using tri-fold mailers. Take advantage of the extra room and show your customers the many ways your company stands out from your competitors.

Paper Postcards are also a low-cost way to bring attention to your business. Not only that, sixty-six percent (66%) of recipients are more likely to remember to use a voucher if they have a physical copy to carry. For more information about our Mailing Services please refer to our Mail Services page or contact us today.

Remarkable Redemption Rates

Many of our clients are enjoying unbelievable redemption rates courtesy of our plastic postcard direct mailers. Documented redemption rates range anywhere from 7% to 45%! The profit potential for you is significant and can dramatically improve your company’s ROI.

According to First Data Research, seventy-six percent (76%) of consumers are interested in purchasing or trying a new product based on receiving a gift card in the mail. Our mailers stand out in any direct mail piece and are quickly removed by the consumer. Our sizes, thicknesses, personal information and high-quality graphics make it immediately noticeable and a great attention getter. Once in their wallet or purse, your brand stands out like a hand-held billboard and is a constant reminder of your company and offer.

Sixty-six percent (66%) of recipients are more likely to remember to use a gift card if they have a physical copy to carry.

High-quality Commercial Printing That Gets Noticed

All of our plastic postcards are available in rigid 20 mil to 30 mil plastic composite material, making them stand out among the rest in your customer’s mailbox. Want to cut through the mailbox clutter? Nothing has proven to be as effective as our laminated card mailer in gaining your customer’s attention and driving new customers your way!

With Triadex Services, you can tailor your mailings to pinpoint a specific demographic or cast the widest net possible. Choose from a Targeted or Saturated mailing list, provide your own list, or take advantage of the USPS’s EDDM program (Every Door Direct Mail).