Gift Cards

Plastic gift cards and customer loyalty cards are a fantastic way to reward your current customers or attract new customers. Triadex Services can help you do both.

Our Gift Card Printing provides you with many benefits:

  • Gift cards have a very high “Perceived Value”.
  • Portability: Most consumers will put a plastic gift card in their wallet or purse to redeem before it expires.
  • High Redemption Rates: Redemption rates have reached over 71%!
  • Low Cost per Lead: High redemption rates mean lower cost per lead.
  • Tracking Ability: A gift card mailer can be printed with unique ID numbers, barcodes, or magnetic strips allowing advertisers to capture important demographic information at the point of sale.
  • Surprise and Delight: Give your customers the pleasure of receiving an unexpected gift.
  • Personalized: A personalized gift card or custom gift card is a great way to capture your customer’s attention.

Additionally, gift cards are a great way to encourage new customers to come in and old customers to come back.

Data-Mining Through Plastic Gift Cards

Triadex Services’ Magnetic Stripe data mining technology allows you to track redemptions.  It also lets you profile your customers using your existing POS system. Don’t have a POS system? No problem. We work closely with POS providers to help get your company’s data mining up and running.

A Magnetic Stripe is a small strip of magnetic tape that is embedded on to a direct mail piece and is encoded with data mining. Using a card reading device, your point of sale system will recognize the card’s unique serial number. Your POS system will automatically add your offer to the purchase, as well as store information regarding the customer such as their age, income, and gender.

According to First Data Research, “Three out of four consumers are interested in purchasing or testing a product based on receiving an incentive card in the mail.”

Triple gift card mailer by Triadex Services

Our Gift Card Features

Triadex Services’ plastic postcards are superior to traditional direct mail. As budgets are stretched, Marketing Professionals employ the lowest Cost-Per-Lead and highest Return-On-Investment (ROI) to gain new customers and market share. Our direct mail products and turnkey solutions allow you to track your results in real time.  Watch the impact your marketing dollars are having on sales and profits as it happens!

  • High-quality digital process
  • Up to 30 mil thick composite card
  • Other thicknesses available
  • On-line barcoding and imaging
  • Variety of laminates
  • Quick turn times
  • No minimum quantities
  • UV coated
  • Standard CR-80 size
  • 300, 600 and 2750 OE mag stripe
  • Magnetic Strip Tracking

High-quality Commercial Printing That Gets Noticed

All of our plastic postcards are available in rigid 20 mil to 30 mil plastic composite material, making them stand out among the rest in your customer’s mailbox. Want to cut through the mailbox clutter? Nothing has proven to be as effective as our laminated card mailer in gaining your customer’s attention and driving new customers your way!

With Triadex Services, you can tailor your mailings to pinpoint a specific demographic or cast the widest net possible. Choose from a Targeted or Saturated mailing list, provide your own list, or take advantage of the USPS’s EDDM program (Every Door Direct Mail).

Image of a green tree

Environmentally Friendly Products

Rest assured, at Triadex Services, we take pride in making environmentally-sound choices without any compromise in our product’s durability, image, and effectiveness.

Using our environmentally-friendly option, your card mailer can be made with a Teslin substrate from PPG Industries, Inc. Production is in compliance with corporate guidelines to minimize waste and qualify for environmental compliance. Each postcard qualifies as:

  • Forest-Friendly
  • Ozone Friendly
  • Recyclable
  • Safe for Disposal
  • Non-toxic

More info on Teslin substrate is available at Triadex Cares.