Mailing List Rentals

You've put together the perfect promotion, now you are ready to market it.

At the heart of every successful direct mail campaign is a stellar mailing list. Marketing professionals agree that at least 40% of direct marketing success depends on mailing lists. The lists you choose will determine whether your marketing investment brings back the promised sales or gets thrown away with the “junk mail”.

We offer you a variety of choices between our standard lists, low-cost mailings list, specialty lists, or mailing to your own list. We can also create a mailing list using an industry-leading lifestyle segmentation system that classifies your customers into consumer segments based on the household’s purchasing preferences. We’ll use this demographic, consumer behavior, and geographic data to identify new and qualified prospects… just for your business.

What Will Your Mailing List Look Like?

Plan ahead by seeing how many residents and businesses are available in your area right now with our new interactive Mailing List Search.
Key aspects of a successful direct marketing campaign 50% Direct Mailer, 40% List, 10% Other.

Customer Profiles

After your first campaign with Triadex, we can create a “customer profile” of your customers. This information includes:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Age Range
  • Income Range
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Home Owner or Apartment Renter
  • And many more!

This will allow you to find others that fit your customer profile and enhance the ROI and profit on your future mailing lists!

Types of Mailing List

Click each tab below to learn more about the types of mailing lists we can help you execute.

One of the most important factors to consider before launching a Postcard Mailing is your mailing list. With Triadex Services you can target potential customers who are closest to your location. In addition, you can target county, city, zip code, and any of the demographics listed below. These options are included in the price of our turnkey mailing list program.

With Triadex Services, you have your choice from the following mailing list selections:

  • Age Range (ex: 21-59)
  • Income Range (ex: $40,000-$250,000)
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Homeowner or apartment renter
  • Households with or without children
  • Household Children Age Range (ex: 2-8)
  • Households with Seniors
  • Address Type
  • Home Value
  • Year Home Built
  • Length of Residence

With our standard mailing list, you can target the people closest to your store and zero in on specific, key demographics such as age and income. It’s an extremely cost-effective way to reach your ideal audience.

With our specialty lists, you can target people based on a variety of criteria, including events in the recipients’ lives. It’s a wonderful way to surprise a guest with a birthday gift or welcome them to the neighborhood.

Improve your mailing list ROI by targeting prospects when they are most likely to buy. Triadex allows you to target your most profitable clientele based on a variety of key events:

Birthday Celebration List

Did you know: Within just FOUR miles from your location there are nearly 1,000 individuals celebrating Birthdays every month? While most restaurants focus on annual holidays like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, they miss Birthdays and a HUGE opportunity to drive sales. Don’t let that happen to your business! Statistics show people dine-out for Birthdays more than any other occasion. And, unlike annual holidays, birthdays take place every day! Let Triadex manage your Birthday mailings for you.

The reasoning is simple: Most people invite their friends and family to celebrate the special occasion. They order cocktails, appetizers, and desserts, which means your average check is much higher than usual. Instead of having 2.7 people per table (industry average), you should see an average of 4 – 10 people.

The question is: How do you get people to select your restaurant to celebrate their special occasion? The answer: Make their choice simple by mailing custom Die Cut Postcards.

New Mover Mailing List

According to the latest data, the average American moves once every five years. We refer to them as “New Movers”. Studies have shown that New Movers tend to spend more in their first six months in a new home than the next two years…. combined!

Why not reach this lucrative market with your mailing list and turn them into your loyal customers?

Triadex has created mailing lists and turnkey direct mail solutions for businesses like yours to do just that. A customized Postcard Mailing will welcome these individuals and families to your neighborhood with a “Gift” Card to your business. Triadex enables you to target families that have moved within 5 miles of your restaurants within the past 30, 60, or 90 days! Not only that, but we can run a recurring mailing list program every quarter just targeting the latest people who now call your neighborhood “home”.

The Value of Targeting our New Movers Mailing List:

  • A very high probability that these will all be NEW customers.
  • Attract and influence new families in the area to become very loyal, long-term customers.
  • There’s nothing better than delighting someone with a free Gift Card to introduce them to your business for the first time.

Are you part of a Medical practice? As we all know, choosing a doctor or dentist is a big check off the list of things to do when a family is new to the neighborhood. Our proprietary Mailing List Services can help you provide a valuable reminder to existing patients and potential patients who are new to your practice area. For example, we could target any demographic including:

  • Potential Patients’ Birthdays
  • Women over 40
  • Men over 40
  • Households with Children
  • and more

Take advantage of our pop-out card options to provide an easily mailable “Appointment Card” that can be kept in a purse or wallet. Give your clients a timely reminder that might actually save their lives.

Audience Propensities mailing lists from Triadex Services allow you to target only the people and businesses that are likely to respond to your offer, so you realize higher redemption rates.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could stare into a crystal ball and predict how your customers will respond to your next direct mail offer? Well, guess what? With our Audience Propensities mailing list, you can do just that. Audience Propensities mailing lists are created with data from 49 different industry-leading research and transactional data partners. As a proprietary blend of demographic, transactional, media behavior, and purchase intent, our Audience Propensities mailing lists are superior to any other type of mailing list.

Choose between 4,000 propensities. Below are some of the most popular:

  • Dine at a Casual Dining Steak/Rib Restaurant.
  • Dine at a Casual Dining Bar & Grill.
  • Shopped for Flowers by Mail/Phone.
  • Dine at a Midscale Italian Restaurant.
  • Contribute to a Religious Organization.
  • Have any IRA Account(Fin).
  • Dine at a Barbecue Restaurant.
  • You and Other Household Members Have Medical Insurance.
  • Dine at a Family Style Restaurant.
  • Dine at a Midscale Varied Menu/Unclassified.
  • Leisure Time Classical Music or Opera Performances.
  • Fine Jewelry.
  • Dine at a Fine Dining Restaurant.
  • Buy a vacation or second home.

Audience Propensities mailing lists from Triadex allow you to target only the people and businesses that are likely to respond to your offer.

A Prizm mailing list is the industry-leading lifestyle segmentation system that identifies your customers as one of 66 Consumer Segments based on the household’s purchasing preferences.

A Prizm mailing list is the industry-leading lifestyle segmentation system that classifies your customers into one of 66 Consumer Segments based on the household’s purchasing preferences. Using data outside of your own customer files, Triadex will pinpoint offers for your products and services that your best customers are most likely to use. Better yet, we’ll use this demographic, consumer behavior, and geographic data to identify new and qualified prospects for your mailing list!

Prizm mailing lists allow you to create a complete portrait of your customers by answering these important questions:

  • Who are my best customers?
  • Where can I find my best customers?
  • What are my best customers like?
  • How can I reach my best customers?

How it Works

Send us your customer mailing list. We’ll tell you the top 5 Prizms of your customers. We’ll find new customers who also fall into these Prizm mailing lists.

Features & Benefits

  • Increase your customer base by “cloning” the customers you already have.
  • Grow sales by basing your marketing strategies on facts instead of guesses.
  • Save money by only mailing to customers who fit your specific Prizms.

By gaining a better understanding of your customers and prospects, you can then reach them with tailored messages and offers designed just for them.

What does the PLUS mean? It is a low-cost way to add extra “oomph” to your direct mail redemption rates. It is both simple and effective.

How it Works

1. YOU select the PLUS PROGRAM of interest from among the following:

  • Neighborhood +AGE™
  • Neighborhood +INCOME™
  • Neighborhood +AGE™ & Neighborhood +INCOME™

2. We analyze your customer mailing list and provide you with the age, income, gender, marital status.


  • Improve the ROI of your direct mail campaigns.
  • Conduct A-B testing on key variables to measure their impact on your ROI.
  • Identify the key characteristics of the customers near your business.

Triadex replaces at least 10% of your neighborhood mailing list with the selection YOU made for a nominal cost.

Already have a list of your ideal customers? We’ll create a mailing list for you based exclusively on your existing list of prospects.

Triadex can create a Postcard Mailing list for your existing list of prospects. If they responded before, then they will most likely respond again. We’ve seen redemption rates reach up to 80% from this mailing list strategy!

Want to attract only new customers? Send us your customer mailing list and we will exclude these people from your next mailing.

USPS® Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) is an affordable targeted advertising technique that lets you map your marketing mail audience by age, income or household size. You can use the EDDM mapping tool on to choose the ZIP Code™ and carrier route that will target your best possible customers—current and future. The EDDM mapping tool is easy to use and discounts are available even for small businesses.

EDDM Qualifications

  • Your direct mail piece must be taller than 6.125″ or longer than 11.5″ and smaller than 12″ x 15″.
  • You must target zip codes that are in routes.
  • There is no need to purchase a mailing list because the post office will deliver one piece to each home.
  • You can mail up to 5,000 pieces per mailer, per day.
  • Your pieces will be delivered within 7-14 business days.

Features and Benefits of Using Triadex for Your EDDM Mailer

  • Save Money with Rock-Bottom Postage Discounts.
  • Save Time with our In-House Postcard Design Team.
  • Grow Your Business by Targeting Every Local Mailbox.
  • Deliver Focused Offers That Target Audience by Age, Income, or Household Size.
  • Lower Your Cost Per Piece While Generating a Higher ROI.
  • Fast & Easy Turnkey Solution.