Specialized Marketing Services by Industry

According to First Data Research, “3 out of 4 consumers are interested in purchasing or testing a product based on receiving an incentive card in the mail.”

Consumer spending is more selective. Now, more than ever, there’s a tremendous focus on ROI. EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS! Companies across a wide array of service providers are using our postcard printing service not only to generate incremental revenue with clientele but to attract new loyal customers. Contact us now for more information about our proven Service Industry marketing program.

Are you looking for a sales boost this quarter? Triadex Services will ensure you are getting the best ROI from your direct mail efforts. Triadex Services’ Card Mailers are top-quality pieces that will capture your customers’ attention and create a very enticing first impression of your business! Not only will our plastic postcards bring in new customers, but it will also attract those customers who will pay full price.

Our postcard mailings (with optional pop-out, detachable incentive card/s) produce extraordinary conversion rates for companies across a wide array of industries. The unique and striking appearance of our marketing direct mail campaign commonly produces conversion rates 4 to 10 times the industry average!

Additionally, we have proprietary list rental service that enables us to target prospects that are more likely to respond to your offer.

Features and Benefits

  • Turnkey Program
  • Helps You Stand-out in Your Local Community
  • Potential Increase Sales in less than 30 Days
  • Tremendous Brand Builder
  • Ability to Deliver a Customized Message
  • Excellent Resource for Finding New Customer Segments
  • Personalized Marketing
  • Longer Lasting than Paper Postcards
  • High-Quality Graphics

Targeted Mailing Lists

Our list rental service lets you target specific demographics including:

  • Age Range (ex: 24-69)
  • Income Range (ex: $50,000 and Up)
  • Resident Mailings (ex: target all people within a 5-mile radius)
  • New Movers (ex: target new families that move in your area each month)
  • Children Present

Specialized Marketing Services by Industry

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Studies have shown that 80% of disposable income is spent within a few miles of a consumer’s residence. What are you doing to market your restaurant to these hyper-local residents that have the highest probability of becoming your most loyal and profitable customers?

Case Studies:
Restaurant Chain Reports Incredible 71% Redemption Rate
Restaurant Targets New Movers: Redemption Rates Jump to 9%
Card Mailer Sets National Restaurant Chain Redemption & ROI Record

If you are an e-commerce company it is only natural to think that all of your marketing spend should be digital. Yet, that is often the most competitive and difficult area to get your brand message heard to a new potential customer.

Market research continuously shows the obvious: a person needs to know your business, your reputation, and your product or service before he/she is willing to make a purchase. Let us help you jumpstart that process with both offline and online marketing.

Case Studies:
Online Store Grosses $66,400 in revenue in 18 Days

We respect and honor the agency-client relationship. As a national postcard printing service, Triadex Services is a trusted partner to agencies throughout the country. As an advertising agency marketing provider, we offer “white-label” and “branded” client services to your advertising agency and clients. As an advertising agency, you may use one, or all, of our value-added services: ranging from list rental and data mining, to on-demand print fulfillment and customized direct mail solutions tailored to your clients’ needs.

Case Study: Advertising Agency Celebrates Anniversary with a Direct Mail Campaign

As we all know, annual wellness exams are a vital part of staying healthy. Yet, how many people actually remember to schedule an appointment? Our proprietary Mailing List Services can help you provide a valuable reminder to existing patients and potential new patients who are in your practice area. For example, we could target any demographic including:

  • Potential Patients’ Birthdays
  • Women over 40
  • Men over 40
  • Households with Children
  • and more

Take advantage of our pop-out card options to provide an easily mailable “Business Card” that can be kept in a purse or wallet. Give your clients a timely reminder that might actually save lives.

Case Study: Hearing Aid Company’s Card Mailer Generates $25,000 in Profit in a Single Mailing

Triadex has worked with hundreds of dental practices, creating custom Dental Postcards for each. Many of our dentists have reported record-breaking response rates resulting in a surge in inbound calls and new appointments. We can ensure your postcard mailing only goes to new customers, allowing you to build your practice with incremental business and even more referrals!

Case Study:
Dentist Makes $103,483 in Profit

The unique and striking appearance of our automotive marketing direct mail campaign commonly produces conversion rates 4 to 10 times the industry standard!

Automotive Dealerships have come to Triadex due to our proven Automotive Direct Mail program ideal for new car sales, trade-ins and service offerings. Triadex has helped automotive dealerships and service centers like yours achieve double-digit redemption rates and revenue growth with our incentive automotive marketing program.

Case Study: Plastic Card Mailers Perform 10X Better than Paper Postcards

Triadex Services produces and mails top-quality pieces that will capture your customers’ attention and create a very enticing first impression of your business! Not only will our Entertainment Marketing Postcards bring in new customers, but it will also attract households that pay full price. Triadex Services offers a professional way of providing an incentive to your customers.

Case Study: Movie Theatre Triples Redemption Rates with Targeted Mailing List

The Triadex Services HVAC marketing program is the perfect marketing vehicle for your HVAC business. While a homeowner who receives a standard paper postcard will tend to toss it in the trash, HVAC marketing from Triadex Services with a pop-out offer is proven to more often be SAVED and placed directly in the wallet or purse for future use!

Case Study: Triadex Card Mailers vs. Paper Postcards